Posa Films

Posa Films
Foundation date: 1939
Founder(s): Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" , Jacques Gelman y Santiago Riachi
Country: Mexico Mexico
Posa Films is an entertainment company, known for distributing and producing films. Posa Films was founded in 1939 by Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", Jacques Gelman and Santiago Riachi. Is known for producing films such as: The Professor (1971), Pepe (1960) and Agente XU 777 (1963).

Films produced by Posa Films

  • A Quixote Without La Mancha
    This situation comedy finds a court-appointed attorney representing the poor and downtrodden of Mexico City against the Establishment. Justo (Cantinflas) is the dedicated lawyer who encounters a diverse and hilarious clientele. Wi...
    Mexico  1969

  • With My Guns
    Popular Mexican comedian Cantinflas stars in this comedy about a druggist from Sonora, Mexico who travels to Arizona in search of a lost gold mine. He is helped by some friendly Indians when the bad guys try to give him trouble. T...
    Mexico  1968

  • His Excellency
    Lopez, treated derisively by all as Lopitos, is a humble but loyal citizen of Los Cocos Republic, working as an assistant at the chancellery, helping to process visas. Through a sudden series of events, namely the fear of the numb...
    Mexico  1967

  • The Little Priest
    When an unconventional priest assumes his new post in a conservative small town, the skeptical citizens find that adjusting to the oddball clergyman's strange little quirks may take a little more getting used to than they first ex...
    Mexico  1964

  • The Illiterate One
    Popular Mexican comic Cantinflas made this his homecoming film after veering off to the U.S. to appear in Pepe, his last movie in English. El Analfabeto sees him back in top form as Inocencio Prieto y Calvo (which roughly translat...
    Mexico  1961

  • Pepe
    The young Mexican Pepe's beloved horse is sold to Hollywood star Ted Holt, leading to Pepe's journey to Hollywood to get the horse back, and Pepe's encounter with half the stars working in Hollywood at the time.
    United States  1960

  • Sube Y Baja
    It is the story of a sportsman who is a little bit dumber than most people but nevertheless he succeeds in getting a job at a sports article saler's. Having this job is the beginning of a lot of funny problems he causes due to his
    Mexico  1959

  • Caballero A La Medida
    Cantinflas works as a model in a shop dressed in a tuxedo to get customers into the store. One day a millionaire thinks he is another rich man.
    Mexico  1954

  • Si Yo Fuera Diputado
    Tired of the same politicians, who never do anything to improve their welfare, people from a poor neighborhood decide to support the local shoeshine boy (Cantinflas) for public office.
    Mexico  1952

  • El Bombero Atómico
    El Bombero Atomico stars the comedic superstar Cantinflas as a retired policeman forced to use his skills again when his goddaughter is kidnapped.
    Mexico  1952