OCS is an entertainment company, known for producing. Is known for producing films such as: Let the Sunshine In (2017), Kings for a Day (2018) and Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion (2018).

Films produced by OCS

  • En Roue Libre
    One morning Louise finds herself trapped in her car, struck down by a panic attack as soon as she wants to get out. Paul steals the car in which she was trapped.
  • C'est Magnifique!
    When Pierre learns that his parents are not his parents, he wants to find out who he is and where he comes from. Raised in nature, Pierre has never been confronted with society. He does not know the codes. He will team up with Ann...
  • Maison De Retraite
    A young convicted men is sentenced to community services. He must now work in a retirement house.
  • Farewell Mr Haffmann
    Paris 1942. François Mercier is an ordinary man who only aspires to start a family with the woman he loves, Blanche. He is also the employee of a talented jeweler, Mr. Haffmann. But faced with the German occupation, the two men w...
  • Playlist
    Sophie lands a job with a comic book publisher despite being unqualified for the position. However, her newfound security is threatened when she breaks up with her boyfriend, the father of the child she is carrying.
  • Haute Couture
    Esther is at the end of her career as Head Seamstress at Dior Avenue Montaigne workshop. One day, she gets her handbag stolen in the metro by a 20 year old woman, Jade. Instead of calling the police she decides to take care of Jad
  • Madame Claude
    In 1960s Paris, Madame Claude's influence extends beyond the world of sex work — until an affluent young woman threatens to change everything.
  • Honey Cigar
    Selma, 17, who lives in a bourgeois and secular Berber family. When she meets Julien in college, she realizes for the first time the impact of patriarchal rules on her intimacy.
  • Éléonore
    Under the pressure of her mother and sister, failed-writer Eleonore Berthier undergoes a complete makeover and gets hired as an assistant in a publishing house specializing in erotic romances.
  • Poly
    The adventures of Shetland pony Poly, in the South of France.
  • Escape From Raqqa
    Raqqa, Syria, Spring 2015. Faustine discovers the hell in which she has embarked with her 5 year-old son. Gabriel and Adnan, two young activists, are moved by the distress of Sylvain, Faustine's husband. They agree to set up a hig...
  • Spread Your Wings
    Based on the real story of Christian, a specialist on wild goose migrations, and the adventure he and his son embarked.
  • The Vets
    In the heart of Morvan, Nico, the last vet in the area, struggles to save his patients, his clinic, and his family. When Michel, his partner and mentor, announces his retirement, Nico knows that the hard part is yet to come. "...
  • Pile Poil (s)
    Elodie spends her free time helping her father at his butcher shop, even though her beauty school exam is a few days away and she desperately needs a model for the waxing portion of the test.
  • Love At Second Sight
    Overnight, Raphael finds himself immersed in a world where he has never met Olivia, the woman of his life. How is he going to reconquer his wife, who has become a complete stranger?