MRG Entertainment

Country: United States United States
MRG Entertainment is an American entertainment company, known for producing Telefilms. Is known for producing films such as: Maisie Undercover: Old Flames (2006), Maisie Undercover: Shadow Boxer (2006) and Maisie Undercover: Coed Desires (2006).

Films produced by MRG Entertainment

  • Sexy Assassins (tv)
    A gorgeous hit woman pulls the trigger on passion when she falls for her handsome target. Can they put their mutual attraction aside long enough to find who put the hit out on him?
  • Frozen Kiss
    Ryan and Shelley, young lovers returning home from a late-night party, are stranded in the snow after their car breaks down on an unfamiliar road. Can a young couple find refuge before they are claimed by the elements or by myster...
  • Kemper
    A film based on the true story of Ed Kemper, a serial killer who murdered ten in Santa Cruz, CA during the late sixties and early seventies.
  • Co-ed Confidential (tv Series) (tv Series)
    A frat house notorious for parties is turned into a co-ed residence for four freshmen under the supervision of a graduate student and her occasional boyfriend, a party animal from the closed fraternity.
  • The Graveyard
    The friends Jack, Allie, Sarah, Charlie, Michelle and Eric go to the Placid Pines Cemetery to play hide and seek in the tombs. Meanwhile their friend Bobby dresses like a masked killer to play a prank with Eric. However, the scare...
  • The Butcher
    While driving to Las Vegas with his college friends Rachel, Liz, Atlanta, Sophie and Adam, the selfish and wealthy Mark decides to take a shortcut. Mark stresses with the driver of an old tow truck, and suddenly he sees a woman cr...
  • Naked Secrets (tv)
    A man searches for information about his wife's whereabouts when she doesn't return from a girls' night out.
  • Maisie Undercover: Old Flames
    Maisie Calloway, the beautiful ex-cop and bar owner now works as a private investigator on the side. She takes the case when one of her bar patrons is searching for his missing girlfriend, a call girl trying to leave her pimp. Onc...
  • Carnal Cravings
    Three women attend a small group sexual therapy class hoping to solve their relationship problems.
  • Naked Players
    In a peculiar convention of couples. Some scammers carry out a premeditated jewelry heist at a luxurious resort that brings them unexpected rewards.
  • Maisie Undercover: Shadow Boxer
    When a female boxer refuses to throw a fight, she is murdered. Detective Dan Calloway rules the death a suicide, but when the boyfriend Bronson Cole wants further investigation, Calloway sends him to his ex-wife Maisie Calloway, a...