Films produced by Masterpiece

  • Mrs. Wilson (tv Miniseries)
    TV Mini-Series. 3 Episodes. The drama follows Alison Wilson who thinks she is a normal, happily married woman. But when her husband Alec suddenly dies, a woman turns up on her doorstep, claiming that she is the real Mrs. Wilson. A...
  • King Charles Iii (tv)
    Prince Charles' fictional accession to the throne following the Queen's death. When he refuses to sign a controversial bill into law, political chaos ensues: a constitutional crisis, street riots and a tank in front of Buckingham
  • The Durrells (tv Series)
    Set in 1935 when the Englishwoman Louisa Durrell, whose life had fallen apart, decided to move from Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu. Her husband had died some years earlier and she has financial problems, when she suddenl...
  • Turks & Caicos (tv)
    Johnny Worricker is hiding out from his work at MI5 on the tax-exile islands, Turks & Caicos. But an encounter with a CIA agent forces him into the company of some ambiguous American businessmen who claim to be on the islands ...
  • Birdsong (tv Miniseries)
    2 episodes. As an English soldier fights in the horrific trenches of northern France, he is haunted by the memories his forbidden love affair with a French woman.
  • The Song Of Lunch (tv)
    Adapted from Christopher Reid’s 2009 narrative poem, a pathos-laden look at the horrors of middle-age, MacCormick’s sensual short film depicts a boozy, acrimonious lunch between a cynical book editor and an old flame, whom he ...
  • Any Human Heart (tv Miniseries)
    TV Miniseries. 4 episodes. A TV miniseries adaptation of William Boyd's novel. A novelist's life ricochets from 1920s Paris to '50s New York and '80s London. Along the way he meets Ernest Hemingway, Ian Fleming and the Duke and Du...
  • Endgame
    A story based on the covert discussions that brought down the Apartheid regime in South Africa. In 1985 South Africa burns as the vile Apartheid regime crumbles. In the months leading up to this historic moment, a group of men hol...