Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures
Foundation date: April 30, 1912
Headquarters: Universal City, California, Estados Unidos
Country: United States

Films produced by Universal Pictures

  • The Incredible Hulk (hulk 2)
    The Incredible Hulk kicks off an all-new, explosive and action-packed epic of one of the most popular Super Heroes of all time. In the film, scientist Bruce Banner desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned ...
  • Baby Mama
    Successful and single businesswoman Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) has long put her career ahead of a personal life. Now 37, she’s finally determined to have a kid on her own. But her plan is thrown a curve ball after she discovers sh...
  • Leatherheads
    A romantic comedy set in the world of 1920s football, where the owner (Clooney) of a professional team drafts a straight-laced college sensation (Krasinski), only to watch his new coach fall for his fiancée (Zellweger). Dodge...
  • The Express
    Based on the incredible true story, "The Express" follows the inspirational life of college football player Ernie Davis (Rob Brown), the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. Following his draft by the NFL, t...
  • Wanted
    Wanted tells the tale of one apathetic nobody’s transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice. 25-year-old Wes (James McAvoy) was the most disaffected, cube-dwelling drone the planet had ever known. Until he met a woma...
  • Because I Said So
    Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) is a mother whose love knows no bounds or boundaries. She is the proud mom of three daughters: stable psychologist Maggie (Graham), sexy and irreverent Mae (Perabo) and insecure, adorable Milly (Moore)...
  • Knocked Up
    Allison Scott (Katherine Heigl) is an up-and-coming entertainment journalist whose 24-year-old life is on the fast track. But it gets seriously derailed when a drunken one-nighter with slacker Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) results in an ...
  • Mr. Bean's Holiday (mr. Bean 2)
    Mr. Bean returns but not for long as he goes on his travels to the south of France where mishap and mayhem begin, by the end Bean even has his video diaries at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • 88 Minutes
    College professor Jack Gramm (Al Pacino), who also works as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI, receives a death threat in which he learns that he has only 88 minutes to live. At once he embarks on a quest to find suspects and th...
  • We Own The Night
    As the Russian mafia injects drugs into the vibrant late-1980s New York club scene, up-and-coming club manager Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) must hide his family ties to law enforcement from everyone except his girlfriend Amanda (...
  • Evan Almighty
    The last time we saw Evan Baxter (Steve Carell), he was being tormented by rival Bruce Nolan onscreen, live from their Buffalo TV station. But as time passed and Evan has made up with Bruce, he's gone onto bigger and better things...
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry
    Adam Sandler ("Click") and Kevin James ("Hitch") team as two straight guys who stumble down the aisle with the best of intentions in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Chuck Ford (Sandler) and Larry Allenswor...
  • The Bourne Ultimatum
    Bourne is once again brought out of hiding, this time inadvertently by London-based reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar--an upgrade to Project Treadstone--in a series of newspaper columns. Bourne sets ...
  • Charlie Wilson's War
    Adapted from George Crile's book, Charlie Wilson's War tells the story of a rogue congressman and CIA agent who found the means to secretly arm rebels to fight against invading Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the early 1980s.