List of Movies from Panama

  • Ruben Blades Is Not My Name
    Latin American icon Ruben Blades was at the center of the New York Salsa revolution in the 1970's. His socially charged lyrics and explosive rhythms brought Salsa music to an international audience. Blades has won 17 Grammys, acte...
    Panama  2018
  • Donaire y Esplendor
    In the traditional carnival of the small town called Las Tablas, there are two rival streets: Up Street and Down Street. A young couple, after an unexpected encounter at the airport, fall hopelessly in love.
    Panama  2017
  • Beyond Brotherhood
    Two young siblings ended up living on the streets, having nothing left but their love. It's a story about survival, second chances and second falls, with an unexpected turn at the end.
    Panama  2017
  • Invasión
    INVASION is a documentary about the collective memory of a country. The invasion of Panama by the U.S in 1989 serves as an excuse to explore how a people remember, transform, and often forget their past in order re-define their id...
    Panama  2014
  • Negocios
    In a hotel in Panama City, Marcos Durán, a business man, hires the services of Alma, a call girl- However, is not sex that interests Marcos. Meeting Alma has a secret only to be known through dialogue, in which every lie will be ...
    Panama  2010