List of Movies from Afghanistan

  • Roqaia
    After surviving a suicide bomb attack, 12-year-old Roqaia finds herself in the middle of a media frenzy, as she deals with her trauma all by herself.
    Afghanistan  2019
  • A Thousand Girls Like Me
    Khatera, a 23 year old Afghan woman, is a victim of sexual abuse from her father. She tells her story publicly on national TV, seeking punishment for her perpetrator and shedding light onto the faulty Afghan judicial system.
    Afghanistan  2018
  • An Afghan Love Story
    A young man in Kabul seduces a girl. When she tells him she’s pregnant, he questions having taken her virginity. Then her father arrives, and a timeless, archaic violence erupts – possibly leading to a crime, and even a sacrif
    Afghanistan  2013
  • Osama
    A 12 year-old girl, her mother and a young boy named Spandi, survive the demonstrations organized by Afghan women who had been repressed by the Taliban regime. The girl and her mother work in a hospital. They soon discover that th...
    Afghanistan  2003