List of Movies from Albania

  • The Delegation
    In 1990, a European delegation comes to Tirana to monitor the reforms of the communist regime. A government official is sent on a mission to a faraway prison in order to bring an important dissident back to the capital.
    Albania  2018
  • Chromium
    While a mute and lonely mother lives a life that is far from easy, she nevertheless bares her lot with dignity and courage. Her 15-year-old son is trying to stand on his own two feet, but in so doing he only complicates the grim s...
    Albania  2015
  • The Last Wish
    Mentor Hasa, a senior officer of the State Security, finds himself from a "spy" into a tapped man and his life takes a dramatic turn. His last wish to his son, Martin, is that his story is told to the whole world.
    Albania  2014
  • Pharmakon
    Branko is a young man of twenty five, doing a dreary job as a pharmacist in the suburbs of Tirana. He lives under the tutelage of his father, Dr. Sokrat, a socially respected oncologist, owning almost everything in his sons life, ...
    Albania  2012
  • Maya
    In a small town where the job serves as a meaning to win hearts and love, the poverty… to trample on the personalities, the mentalities… to be sold out as the traditions and the traditions… to be misused to the interests. A ...
    Albania  2011
  • Alive!
    In a country where tradition is constantly at war with modernity, Koll is a college student set on enjoying his youth to the fullest. When his father dies and he is forced to assume responsibility for an ancient crime, Koll is thr...
    Albania  2009
  • Anatema
    Kosovar journalist Ema Berisha, working with two American journalists Laura and David Schwatz report from war torn Kosova. When the war reaches its highest peak the Americans are ordered to flee. They unsuccessfully try to persuad...
    Albania  2006
  • Slogans
    During the dictatorship in Albania in the 80s, one of the common methods of propaganda was to write political slogans with stones on the sides of hills and mountains. A young schoolteacher full of dreams and hopes, comes to an iso...
    Albania  2001