List of Movies from Switzerland

  • My Little Sister
    Lisa, once a brilliant playwright, no longer writes. She lives with her family in Switzerland, but her heart remains in Berlin, beating in time with that of her brother Sven, the famous theatre actor. When Sven is diagnosed with a...
    Switzerland  2020
  • Saudi Runaway
    Muna is a young, fearless woman in Saudi Arabia who is tired of being controlled by the state and the harsh restrictions she endures as a woman. Her arranged marriage, in which she sees a prolonged life without free will, is immin...
    Switzerland  2020
  • The Lonely Orbit (S)
    A satellite technicians inability to cope with his solitude causes a chain reaction in space and in his own mind.
    Switzerland  2019
  • Zwingli
    Zurich in 1519: The young widow Anna Reinhart lives a barren life between fear of the church and worries about the future of her three children, when the arrival of a man in the city causes turmoil: The young priest Ulrich Zwingli...
    Switzerland  2019
  • #Female Pleasure
    A plea for the liberation of female sexuality in the 21st century.
    Switzerland  2018
  • A Long Way Home
    Five Chinese artists explore the echoes of the past in order to understand the predicaments of the present. Increasingly, their struggle for a democratic civil society seems as relevant for the world today as it is for China.
    Switzerland  2018
  • All Inclusive (S)
    The views of life on board a palatial cruise ship yield a pointed commentary on luxury, excess, and what some people consider fun.
    Switzerland  2018
  • Bonobo (S)
    When the elevator of their public housing breaks down, the fates of Felix, a disabled pensioner, Ana, a single mother struggling with her move and Seydou, a young man passionate about dance intertwine towards an explosive ending w...
    Switzerland  2018
  • Chris the Swiss
    Croatia, 7th of January 1992: In the middle of the war a young journalists' body is being found dressed with an uniform of the international mercenary group. 19 years later, his cousin Anja Kofmel detects his story.
    Switzerland  2018