List of Movies from Bulgaria

  • The Informant (TV Series)
    Behind the Iron Curtain, Geri leaves for college, looks forward to meeting girls and partying and joins a group of radicals led by the charismatic Száva. But Geri has a secret. He’s an informant of the totalitarian state and to...
    Bulgaria  2022
  • Mayor, Shepherd, Widow, Dragon
    Alcalde, Pastor, Viuda, Dragón: Dirigida por Eliza Petkova. Pirin es un pueblo aislado que se extinguirá en 20 años. Acompañamos a tres lugareños que lo afrontan de diferentes formas. Pirin es el último pueblo de Europa dond
    Bulgaria  2021
  • Women Do Cry
    A family full of women in a society where "gender" is not a familiar word.
    Bulgaria  2021
  • February
    We follow the life of a man at eight, eighteen and eighty-two years old: in his village, outside the village, in the heat of the sun and the icy snow. The course of his monotonous life seems to be written in advance and meaningles...
    Bulgaria  2020
  • A Dose of Happiness
    The real story of the journalist Vesela Toteva (in the role is her daughter -Valentina Karoleva) searching for her own happiness during the dynamic and uncertain 90's in Bulgaria. A tale about drugs, fall, fear and redemption.
    Bulgaria  2019
  • Cat in the Wall
    South-East London, in the multicultural neighborhood of Peckham, in a municipal building. A Bulgarian family goes into serious conflict with their neighbors due to abandoned cat.
    Bulgaria  2019
  • The Father
    Vasil has just lost his long-time partner in life, his wife Valentina. When a woman at her funeral proclaims that the dead woman called her cell phone, Vasil seeks out the help of a well-known psychic in order to contact his wife....
    Bulgaria  2019
  • Ága
    In a yurt on the snow-covered fields of the North, Nanook and Sedna live following the traditions of their ancestors. Nanook and Sedna's traditional way of life starts changing. Hunting becomes more and more difficult, the animals...
    Bulgaria  2018
  • Irina
    Irina is a part-time waitress in a small Bulgarian town. On the very same day when she is fired, her husband gets into a serious accident. Irina’s family is trapped in poverty. To make ends meet, she becomes a surrogate mother. ...
    Bulgaria  2018