List of Movies from Hungary

  • Amok (S)
    After losing his fiance and his good looks in a freak accident, Clyde must confront his inner demon.
    Hungary  2022
  • Gentle
    Edina, a female bodybuilder is ready to sacrifice everything for the dream she shares with her life partner and trainer Adam: to win the Miss Olympia. The odd love she finds on her way makes her see the difference between her drea...
    Hungary  2022
  • Lélekpark (TV)
    Something bizarre happens at the zoo. A man wakes up completely naked among the crocodiles. He doesn't remember how he ended up there, and he also can't seem to recall where he's been in the last three years. The unusual case is a...
    Hungary  2022
  • Evolution
    Episodes trace three generations of a family, from a surreal memory of World War II to modern day Berlin, unable to process their past in a society still coping with the wounds of its history. Premiere in Cannes Film Festival 202
    Hungary  2021
  • Forest - I See You Everywhere
    Seven hypnotic and erratic fugue-like miniatures. Seemingly harmless at the beginning, they become increasingly intense until they culminate in a psychological kaleidoscope. Grandfather is silent – is he still alive? A man talks...
    Hungary  2021
  • Natural Light
    World War II, occupied Soviet Union. István Semetka is a simple Hungarian farmer who serves as a Sub-Lieutenant in a special unit scouting for partisan groups. On their way to a remote village, his company falls under enemy fire....
    Hungary  2021
  • My Uncle Tudor (S)
    In intimate close-ups the camera captures an idyllic scene that seems to belong to a different era.
    Hungary  2021
  • The Cost of Deception
    When a young, ambitious market researcher finds out her boss is involved in the leaking of a scandalous Prime Minister speech, she decides to investigate the case to gain a position among the big-shots. Based on actual events.
    Hungary  2021
  • The Story of My Wife
    A sea captain makes a bet in a cafe with a friend that he will marry the first woman who walks in.
    Hungary  2021
  • Toxikoma
    The film deals with the chapter of Gyozo Szabo's book of the same title, which is about the actor's toughest period, the drug crash that lasts for years, as Gyozo falls on the atoms of his life, and then enters the withdrawal cure...
    Hungary  2021