List of Movies from Croatia

  • The High Sun
    Three different love stories, set in three consecutive decades, in two neighbouring Balkan villages burdened with a long history of inter-ethnic hatred: this is a film about the dangers - and the enduring strength - of forbidden l
    Croatia  2015
  • The Vast Landscapes - Porcelaine Stories (S)
    A short film with marionettes and beautifully designed objects and a prodigious technical execution. Six characters in rooms full of the nostalgic remainders, separated by a vast, desolate landscape. Four stories about love, conte...
    Croatia  2015
  • Happily Ever After
    In a last desperate attempt to save the relationship with the man of her life, filmmaker Tatjana Bozic dives into her past and makes a kaleidoscopic journey past her ex-men in order to find out what is wrong with her.
    Croatia  2014
  • Naked Island
    Some sixty years ago, a man went missing for four years. He returned back a changed man carrying along a painful secret. He later built his family's life around this unspoken secret. Talking about the past was forbidden in the fam...
    Croatia  2014
  • The Chicken (S)
    As a present for her 6th birthday, Selma gets a live chicken. When she realises the animal is going to be killed to feed the family, she decides to save it and set it free, unaware of the high stakes such action will lead to. Whil...
    Croatia  2014
  • One Shot
    One accidental gun shot links the destinies of two young women – Anita, an inspector who gets along very well in her professional life and quite well in her private life as well, and Petra, a young woman whose everyday life woul...
    Croatia  2013
  • Flower Square
    An obscure actor is hired by the police to get a confession out of a dying mafioso.
    Croatia  2012
  • 7 seX 7
    Seven erotic stories are the foundation for a film based on the principle of unity of time, space and action in Aristotle. Nome of these stories is about sex but sketches of human relationships that communicates erotic tension. Th...
    Croatia  2011