List of Movies from Niger

  • The Wedding Ring
    Tiyaa is a young woman of aristocratic descent who recently returned to her hometown in Niger after completing her high education in Paris. There, she has fallen in love with a young man, also from an aristocratic family, and plan...
    Niger  2016
  • Kokoa (S)
    It's a day of wrestling in the land of Frogs: the crowd gathers to see who is the stronger of the chameleon, crab, or toad! The speaker warms the room...
    Niger  1985
  • Toula or the Water Spirit
    The gods have declared the drought of the country. There seems to be no hope. A holy man summoned by the king requires the sacrifice of a young woman to put an end to their anger. A young man in love decides to go in search of wat...
    Niger  1974
  • Return of an Adventurer
    A man returns home to his village with Western cowboy duds and forms a gang with his old buddies. Getting into their role, the black cowboys spread panic throughout the village with brawls and robberies. In this pop art African-st...
    Niger  1966