List of Movies from Ivory Coast

  • Run
    RUN is running away… He has just killed his country’s Prime Minister. Therefore he had to take the face and clothes of a madman wandering throughout the town for months. His life returns to him in flashes: his childhood with m...
    Ivory Coast  2014
  • Black and White in Color
    French colonists in Africa, several months behind in the news, find themselves at war with their German neighbors. Deciding that they must do their proper duty and fight the Germans, they promptly conscript the local native popula...
    Ivory Coast  1976
  • Concerto for an Exile
    A group of African students in Paris are reaching the end of their studies. Should they return to their newly independent homelands or should they try to forge a home for themselves in a hostile and indifferent France ? In a very ...
    Ivory Coast  1968