List of Movies from Algeria

  • Abou Leila
    Algeria, 1994. S. and Lotfi, two childhood friends, cross the desert in search of Abu Leila, a dangerous terrorist.
    Algeria  2019
  • The Blessed
    It follows a handful of characters over a 24-hour period in the capital of Algiers. Set back in 2008, when the country’s wounds from the civil war were still healing, the film offers portrait of a place and people caught in perp...
    Algeria  2017
  • Madame Courage
    Omar, an unstable and lonely teenager and dexterous thief, lives in a slum in the suburbs of the Algerian town of Mostaganem with his grumbling mother and elder sister Sabrina, who has been forced into prostitution. He leaves the...
    Algeria  2015
  • The Rooftops
    Bab el-Oued, a working-class neighborhood of Algiers. On one side the bay, on the other the city. While time is marked by the muezzin’s call to prayer, five stories intersect, even if only for a moment, on the same number of ter...
    Algeria  2013