List of Movies from Kyrgyzstan

  • Running to the Sky
    Twelve-year-old Jekshen, an exceptional runner, lives in a beautiful mountain village in Kyrgyzstan. His parents are divorced, and life with his alcoholic father is difficult. Lonely Jekshen only has his girlfriend from school and...
    Kyrgyzstan  2019
  • Centaur
    In the slums of the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek lives fifty-year-old Centaur; a simple man, who lives with his wife and son. In a former life he was a horse thief, but nowadays he leads a peaceful life. Then one day a certain Satyr sho...
    Kyrgyzstan  2017
  • Munabia
    Munabia - a beautiful image of a strong, independent and wise woman who had many trials, humiliations, insults. Very few people can maintain the honor and dignity in a society of total brutality. "Munabia" - a love story of Romeo ...
    Kyrgyzstan  2017
  • A Father's Will
    After living as an immigrant in the USA for 15 years, Azat flies to Kyrgyzstan to his family village. His father, Murat, died in the USA a year ago. It was his dying wish to pay back the money he owed to the villagers. Azat discov...
    Kyrgyzstan  2016
  • Heavenly Nomadic
    A family of nomads lives in the remote high mountains of Kyrgyzstan: old herdsman Tabyldy, his old wife Karachach, their daughter-in-law Shaiyr and their 7-year-old granddaughter Umsunai. Shaiyr's eldest son Ulan studies at the ci...
    Kyrgyzstan  2015
  • Kurmanjan Datka. Queen of the Mountains
    The relevant epic story of the strong-willed, courageous and independent woman before her time, Kurmanjan, who is revered to this day for her diplomacy for saving her nation from complete destruction when the Russians invaded.
    Kyrgyzstan  2014
  • The Light Thief
    The main hero of the film is an electrician with a far greater effect on the people around him than his job defines. He is the last link in a huge energetic system and he becomes the binding bridge between the geopolitical problem...
    Kyrgyzstan  2010