List of Movies from East Germany (GDR)

  • Pestalozzis Berg
    It is difficult these days to imagine that elementary school education was instituted by anyone at all. In fact, Swiss experimental educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827) laid the groundwork for universal elementary schoo...
    East Germany (GDR)  1989
  • Fallada - letztes Kapitel (Fallada: The Last Chapter)
    The last decade (1937-47) of the poet Hans Fallada's life. He lives with his family in Carwitz. His craving for harmony collides with the circumstances of the times and his own inner turmoil. He writes already anything of note, dr...
    East Germany (GDR)  1988
  • Bear Ye One Another's Burdens
    Josef Heiliger, a young commissioner in the East German national police force is sent away in the first year of the young Republic to a sanatorium with tuberculosis and enters into a competition with another patient.
    East Germany (GDR)  1988
  • The House on the River
    The mother Voß, her two daughters Agnes and Lisabeth, and her daughter-in-law Emmi, all live in a house on the river. They accept the war as inevitable and decide to make the best of it for themselves. Before leaving for the war,...
    East Germany (GDR)  1986
  • The Woman and the Stranger
    Two German soldiers captured by the Russians in World War I become close friends. Richard shares intimate stories about his wife Anna, and Karl falls in love with her in his thoughts. One day, Karl escapes and goes to Richard's ho...
    East Germany (GDR)  1985
  • Ärztinnen (Woman Doctors)
    Dr. Lydia Kowalenko loses her job at a pharmaceutical company after she refuses to cover up the shortcomings of certain captive preparations that have already cost lives. Through connections, she soon finds herself a new position....
    East Germany (GDR)  1984
  • Romance with Amelie
    Juergen Siebusch (Thomas Stecher) and his mother (Gudrun Ritter) are retreating along with the German army, just ahead of the invading Russian forces. Both mother and son hole up in the town of Hohengoerse, where Juergen finds som...
    East Germany (GDR)  1982
  • On Probation
    Nina Kern is a divorced woman in her late twenties who will soon be fully deprived of her custody rights for her three children, who already reside in a home for the displaced, due to many years of willful neglect. Although she ha...
    East Germany (GDR)  1981