List of Movies - Drama

  • Small Axe: Education (tv)
    Education is the coming of age story of 12-year-old Kingsley (Kenyah Sandy), who has a fascination for astronauts and rockets. When Kingsley is pulled to the headmaster's office for being disruptive in class, he discovers he's bei...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Small Axe: Alex Wheatle (tv)
    Alex Wheatle follows the true story of award-winning writer, Alex Wheatle (Sheyi Cole), from a young boy through his early adult years. Having spent his childhood in a mostly white institutional care home with no love or family, h...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • The Wilds (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020). 10 Episodes. A group of teenage girls unwittingly become the subjects of an elaborate social experiment after being sent to a remote island.
    United States  2020
  • Small Axe: Red, White And Blue (tv)
    Spotlights the true story of Leroy Logan, who at a young age saw his father assaulted by two policemen, motivating him to join the Metropolitan Police and change their racist attitudes from within.
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Small Axe: Lovers Rock (tv)
    A single evening at a house party in 1980s West London sets the scene, developing intertwined relationships against a background of violence, romance and music. Coescrito por Steven McQueen junto a Courttia Newland, está protago...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Small Axe: Mangrove (tv)
    "Mangrove" tells the true story of the Mangrove 9, the group of Black activists who clashed with London police during a protest march in 1970, and their highly publicised trial that followed. The trial was the first judi...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Nocturne
    The supernatural thriller is about an incredibly gifted pianist who makes a Faustian bargain to overtake her older sister at a prestigious institution for classical musicians.
    United States  2020
  • Chemical Hearts
    Henry Page is a teenage student who considers himself a hopeless romantic but has never fallen in love. The young man aspires to be editor of the high school newspaper and lives happily focused on his studies to enter a good unive...
    United States  2020
  • El Presidente
    TV Series (2020). 8 Episodes. The head of a small Chilean football club becomes a key player in the 2015 FIFA corruption scandal.
    Chile  2020
  • Homecoming 2 (tv Series)
    Jackie (Monáe), waking up in a rowboat with no recollection of how she got there or who she is. Jackie's search for her own identity leads her to Walter, whom Heidi Bergman tracked down and found enjoying a new small-town life. ...
    United States  2020
  • Upload (tv Series)
    10 episodes. 'Upload' is set in a future where "humans are able to 'upload' themselves into their preferred choice of afterlife. When Nathan meets his early death, he is greeted by Nora in his version of heaven. The series fo...
    United States  2020
  • Nowhere Special
    John, a 35-year-old window cleaner, devotes his life to raising his 4-year-old son Michael, as the child’s mother left them immediately after his birth. Their life is a simple one, made up of universal daily rituals, a life of c...
    Italy  2020
  • Meel Patthar (milestone)
    As soon as veteran driver Ghalib’s truck touches the 500,000 kilometers mark—a record at his company—he is struck by a sudden pain in his back. He decides to go home, where he finds a letter at his doorstep. Ghalib visits hi...
    India  2020
  • Février
    We follow the life of a man at eight, eighteen and eighty-two years old: in his village, outside the village, in the heat of the sun and the icy snow. The course of his monotonous life seems to be written in advance and meaningles...
    Bulgaria  2020