List of Movies - Horror

  • Milk (s)
    On a late night, a young teen goes into the kitchen for a glass of milk. Upon encountering his sleepless mother, he quickly realizes things are not as they seem.
    Canada  2018
  • Hair Wolf (s)
    The staff of a black hair salon fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.
    United States  2018
  • The Sermon (s)
    In an isolated church community in the English countryside, a powerful hate preacher prepares to deliver a sermon to his flock, but his daughter has a secret that could destroy them all.
    United Kingdom  2018
  • Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre (s)
    A woman’s desperate struggle to survive a horde of men with frail egos, who just want to explain everything to her. But the biggest horror may be closer to her than she thinks.
    FINLAND  2018
  • Heartless (s)
    Based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart". An overlooked associate struggles to complete a corporate presentation as a horrific secret gnaws at her conscience.
    United States  2018
  • The Wind
    When a woman moves to the American frontier to settle it with her husband, an evil presence soon makes itself known and infects her with paranoia.
    United States  2018
  • Pari
    Pari is a supernatural horror film in which a man attempts to help a woman named Ruksana, an abuse victim, who he found chained up in a hut.
    India  2018
  • Monster Party
    Three teenage thieves infiltrate a mansion dinner party secretly hosted by a serial killer cult for the social elite.
    United States  2018
  • Kuru
    Hideki and Kana Tahara are newlyweds. Hideki is excited about his future with Kana. One day, a mysterious person visits the company where Hideki works. Hideki's colleague conveys the visitor's message to Hideki "about Chisa-s...
    Japan  2018
  • Demons
    A young actress struggles to come to terms with the price she has to pay for making art.
    Singapore  2018
  • Braid
    Two wanted women decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend who lives in the fantasy world they created as children; to take the money they have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make believe.
    United States  2018
  • Achoura
    Four childhood friends are reunited when one of them re-surfaces after 20 years, forcing them to confront a creature straight out of a spine-chilling Moroccan legend.
    Morocco  2018
  • Stree
    Set in the town of Chanderi, "Stree" is based on the urban legend of Nale Ba that went viral in Karnataka in the 1990s.
    India  2018
  • Winchester
    Inspired by true events. On an isolated stretch of land 50 miles outside of San Francisco sits the most haunted house in the world. Built by Sarah Winchester, (Academy Award®-winner Helen Mirren) heiress to the Winchester fortun...
    Australia  2018