List of Movies - Horror

  • The Child Remains
    An expectant couple's intimate weekend turns to terror as they discover their secluded country inn is a haunted maternity home where infants and mothers were murdered.
    Canada  2017
  • In Un Giorno La Fine
    Claudio Verona is a young and cynical businessman. One day he gets locked in his Roman office elevator before an important meeting with a client. Soon this annoying obstacle will turn into a nightmare. For outside that metal cage,...
    Italy  2017
  • Juleblod
    Christmas. A time of peace, love and traditions. Like Nilssen’s, for example, a psychopath dressed in a Santa Claus suit, and who terrorizes Norway every year as soon as the caroling starts to be heard, dishing out coal and axe ...
    Norway  2017
  • Skyggenes Dal
    It follows Aslak, a 6-year-old boy who embarks on a quest for answers about recent tragic events.
    Norway  2017
  • Pyewacket
    A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother.
    Canada  2017
  • Boar
    In the harsh, yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with a raw,...
    Australia  2017
  • Ojos De Madera
    A tale of children's horror for adults. A story that intermingles fantasy and reality. The eyes of a child who perceive what adults are not able to see.
    Uruguay  2017
  • The Changeover
    16-year-old Laura Chant lives with her mother and 4-year-old brother Jacko in a low-rent suburb on the edge of earthquake-scarred Christchurch, New Zealand. Laura is drawn into a supernatural battle with an ancient spirit who atta...
    New Zealand  2017
  • Phoenix Forgotten
    20 years after three teenagers disappeared in the wake of mysterious lights appearing above Phoenix, Arizona, unseen footage from that night has been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition.
    United States  2017
  • Circus Kane
    A reclusive circus master invites a group of social media stars to his house of haunts. Anyone who can make it out before being scared into submission will earn $250,000 - but the stars soon learn they are not only competing for m...
    United States  2017
  • Belzebuth
    After losing his family in an extremely tragic way, Detective Ritter must investigate a massacre at a school perpetrated by a student. What seemed like a pretty clear case becomes much more dense when a priest of the Vatican appea...
    Mexico  2017
  • American Horror Story: Cult
    The 11-episode season will begin on election night in Michigan, with the real 2016 presidential election serving as a jumping off point for this year's horror story. The first 10 minutes will involve the real Trump and Clinton ele...
    United States  2017
  • Musa
    Samuel Salomon, a literature professor, has been off work for almost a year after the tragic death of his girlfriend. Samuel has been suffering from a recurring nightmare in which a woman is brutally murdered by a strange ritual. ...
    Spain  2017
  • Buckout Road
    A college class project on creation and destruction of modern myth, turns terrifying when a trio of young people come to realize the urban legends surrounding the famed Buckout Road may, in fact, be REAL.
    Canada  2017