List of Movies - Comedy

  • Jungle Cruise
    Film based on Disneyland's theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles, but with a supernatural element.
    United States  2021
    Available on Disney+
  • Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life (tv Series)
    The lovable chipmunk troublemakers in a non-verbal, classic style comedy, following the ups and downs of two little creatures living life in the big city.
    United States  2021
    Available on Disney+
  • The Pursuit Of Love
    Set in Europe before World War II, the story follows the adventures of the charismatic and fearless Linda Radlett, and her best friend/cousin Fanny Logan. Consumed by a desire for love and marriage, they both seek out the ideal hu
    United Kingdom  2021
    Available on Amazon Prime
  • Le Dernier Mercenaire
    The film is directed by David Charhon and is a French-language film that stars Van Damme as a mysterious former secret service agent who must urgently return to France when his estranged son (Samir Decazza) is falsely accused of a...
    France  2021
    Available on Netflix
  • Resort To Love
    Erica, who ends up as the entertainment at her ex-fiancé's wedding after reluctantly taking a gig at a luxurious island resort while in the wake of a music career meltdown.
    United States  2021
    Available on Netflix
  • Off The Rails
    Now in their 50's, four friends recreate an inter-rail journey across Europe, but this time 18-year-old Maddie is taking her mother's place, fulfilling her dying wish. With lost passports, train strikes and romantic entanglements ...
    United Kingdom  2021
  • Turner  Hooch (tv Series)
    A detective solves crimes with the help of an oversized dog. TV adaptation of the 1989 film 'Turner and Hooch'.
    United States  2021
    Available on Disney+
  • Fondeados
    Two directionless millennial bros get high and pitch a bold new social justice app that raises millions. Now they have to come up with the app.
    Mexico  2021
    Available on Netflix
  • Feels Like Ishq (tv Series)
    Short films follow young adults as they navigate the gamut of emotions that come with finding romantic connection in unexpected places.
    India  2021
    Available on Netflix
  • Cider No Yō Ni Kotoba Ga Wakiagaru
    Cherry is a boy who is terrible at communicating with other people, and Smile, a girl who hides behind a mask. They meet in a mundane suburban shopping mall in a provincial city. Cherry always wears headphones and puts the feeling...
    Japan  2021
    Available on Netflix
  • Red Rocket
    Mikey Saber is a washed-up porn star who returns to his small Texas hometown, not that anyone really wants him back.
    United States  2021
  • France
    A celebrity television journalist, juggling her busy career and personal life, has her life over-turned by a freak car accident.
    France  2021