List of Movies - Netflix

  • The Sleepover
    During a fun weekend sleepover with their best friends, two siblings discover that their seemingly normal stay-at-home mom Margot (Malin Akerman) is actually a former high-end thief in the witness protection program. When both the...
    United States  2020
  • Fuego Negro
    In search of his sister, a renegade criminal seeks answers at a sordid hotel where he encounters a sinister guest and romances a mysterious waitress.
    Mexico  2020
  • Class Of '83
    A hero policeman shunted to a punishment posting as the dean of the police academy decides to punish the corrupt bureaucracy and its criminal allies in return by training five lethal assassin policemen.
    India  2020
  • Biohackers (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020-). Mia goes to medical school to get close to a professor she suspects had a hand in her past family tragedy and gets tangled in the world of biohacking... Biohackers is a science thriller about biotechnologies.
    Germany  2020
  • Crímenes De Familia
    Alicia goes embarks on the journey of her lifetime. Her son, Daniel, is accused of rape and attempted murder of his ex-wife. Confused and desperate, the mother will do everything in her power to keep him from going to prison after...
    Argentina  2020
  • Great Pretender (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020). 23 Episodes. Makoto Edamura is supposedly Japan's greatest swindler. Together with his partner Kudo, they try to trick a Frenchman in Asakusa but unexpectedly get tricked instead. The Frenchman, whom they tried t...
    Japan  2020
  • John Was Trying To Contact Aliens (s)
    John Shepherd spent 30 years trying to contact extraterrestrials by broadcasting music millions of miles into space. After giving up the search he makes a different connection here on Earth.
    United States  2020
  • High Score
    6 episodes. A documentary series about the golden age of video games, when legends – from Pac-Man to Doom – were brought to life, narrated by Charles Martinet.
    United States  2020
  • Saikojiman Gwaenchanha (tv Series)
    A story about a man employed in a psychiatric ward and a woman, with an antisocial personality disorder, who is a popular writer of children's books.
    South Korea  2020
  • Goedam (tv Series)
    When night falls on the city, shadows and spirits come alive in this horror anthology series centered on urban legends.
    South Korea  2020
  • Alien Tv (tv Series)
    Alien reporters Ixbee, Pixbee and Squee travel to a lovely but odd planet called Earth, where they attempt to make sense of humans and their hobbies.
    United States  2020
  • El Robo Del Siglo
    In 1994, a team of thieves plans an ambitious heist to steal millions from Colombia´s Bank of the Republic. Inspired by true events.
    Colombia  2020
  • Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story
    Betty Bisceglia met Dan Broderick in the '60s. They tied the knot in 1969 and had five children together. However, Betty got suspicious when Dan hired a much younger legal assistant called Linda Kolkena in 1982. Though he initiall...
    United States  2020
  • Teenage Bounty Hunters (tv Series)
    Twin sisters Sterling and Blair balance teen life at an elite Southern high school with an unlikely new career as butt-kicking bounty hunters.
    United States  2020