List of Movies - Netflix

  • Move (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020). 5 Episodes. Discover the brilliant dancers and choreographers who are shaping the art of movement around the world in this documentary series.
    France  2020
  • Barbaren (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020-). The famous battle of the Teutoburg Forest, in which Germanic warriors halted the northward advance of the Roman Empire in AD 9, is the focus of "The Barbarians."
    Germany  2020
  • A Suitable Boy (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020-). 6 Episodes. A vast, panoramic tale charting the fortunes of four large families and exploring India and its rich and varied culture at a crucial point in its history. Year 1951. In a newly independent India, pas...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Kadaver
    In the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a starving family find hope in a charismatic hotel owner. Lured by the prospect of a free dinner, they discover that the evening's entertainment blurs the lines between performance and reali...
    Norway  2020
  • The Alienist: Angel Of Darkness
    Sequel to "The Alienist" (2018). Having opened her private detective agency, Sara reunites with Dr. Kreizler, the formidable alienist, and John Moore, now a New York Times reporter, to find the Spanish Consular's kidnapp...
    United States  2020
  • Rebecca
    After a whirlwind romance in Monte Carlo with handsome widower Maxim de Winter (Armie Hammer), a newly married young woman (Lily James) arrives at Manderley, her new husband's imposing family estate on a windswept English coast. N...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Alguien Tiene Que Morir
    Miniseries. 3 Episodes. Spain, in the 50s. The story begins with a young boy being asked by his parents to return from Mexico to meet his fiance. He returns accompanied by Lazaro, a mysterious ballet dancer.
    Mexico  2020
  • La Révolution (tv Series)
    In a reimagined history of the French Revolution, the guillotine's future inventor uncovers a disease that drives the aristocracy to murder commoners.
    France  2020
  • Grand Army (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020-). Five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn take on a chaotic world as they fight to succeed, survive, break free and seize the future.
    United States  2020
  • Seperti Hujan Yang Jatuh Ke Bumi
    Kevin and Nara have been friends since childhood and they promise to always be best friends. But when Nara falls in love with a mysterious boy, Kevin feels that there is no hope for him to be with her forever.
    Indonesia  2020
  • Social Distance (tv Series)
    TV Series (2020-). 8 Episodes. Shot in isolation, this tragicomic anthology series features both dark and funny takes on how people strive to stay connected while staying apart.
    United States  2020
  • The Queen's Gambit
    TV Miniseries. 7 one-hour episodios. Kentucky in the 50s. Eight year-old orphan Beth Harmon is quiet, sullen, and by all appearances unremarkable. That is, until she plays her first game of chess. Her senses grow sharper, her thin...
    United States  2020