List of Movies - Short film


  • 27
    Alice is 27 years old today. Although she feels oppressed because she still lives with her parents, she spends her time daydreaming to escape her dreary everyday life.
    France  2023

  • Miracasas
    In the 1930s, a village in South America wanted to inaugurate its cemetery. Unfortunately, no one died in the village. So the mayor published a small advertisement in the region: “Looking for a corpse for the inauguration of the...
    France  2022.

  • The Most Boring Granny In The Whole World
    Greta is bored with her grandmother, because anything that is fun is not allowed there - and because everything that is boring is among granny's hobbies: hoarding souvenirs and looking at photos of the deceased.
    Germany  2022

  • Birdsong
    Based on late field biologist John Sincock's experiences in Kauai
    United States  2022

  • More Than I Want To Remember
    One night at her home in southeastern Congo, 14-year-old Mugeni awakes to the sounds of bombs. As her family scatters to the surrounding forests to save themselves, Mugeni finds herself completely alone.
    United States  2022

  • Carne De Dios
    The 17th century. Somewhere in the Mexican mountains, a Catholic friar who has fallen victim to a strange disease is carried by his native disciple to the home of an indigenous healer. The old woman will try to cure him by perform...
    Argentina  2022

  • Amarradas
    Mother and Daughter are roped for life by an eternal bond that heals and hurts, and that is perpetuated when Daughter becomes a Mother.
    Spain  2022

  • Câline
    At her father's request, Coline returns to her child's bedroom to sort through her belongings. The different objects she finds will remind her of her childhood memories. In doing so, she finally accepts those she will never be abl
    Belgium  2022