List of Movies - Transsexuality / Transgender


  • The Dreamlife Of Georgie Stone
    Available on Netflix
    Filmed over 10 years, this film leads us into the elliptical memories of Georgie Stone, one of the world's most dynamic trans-kid activists, as she changes laws, affirms her gender and for the first time, gains control of her own
    Australia  2022

  • Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story
    Available on Netflix
    Celebrated skateboarder Leo Baker shares the details of his rise to fame and the clash between his career and self-discovery as a trans man.
    United States  2022

  • Anything's Possible
    Available on Amazon Prime
    Two high schoolers - a bashful teenage boy and an unflappable trans girl - navigate a senior year relationship.
    United States  2022

  • Mi Vacío Y Yo
    Raphi, from France, fantasises about romances with princes, and about starting a traditional family. But in reality, things aren’t like that. She works in a call centre in Barcelona, struggles with at times embarrassing dates, a...
    Spain  2022

  • Manhãs De Setembro
    Available on Amazon Prime
    This is the journey of Cassandra (Liniker), a trans woman who leaves her hometown and doesn't compromise her goal to be a free and independent woman.
    Brazil  2021

  • Si Dios Fuera Mujer
    Laura lives with her parents in L'Alfàz del Pi, in Valencia. Three years ago, she started her transition. Laura now faces adolescence, and with it, a series of changes that will mean a new chapter for her and her family. Each dec...
    Colombia  2021

  • Finlandia
    In a small town outside of Oaxaca lives a group of Muxes, third gender and non-binary people, who make a living sewing and looking after their elders. Parallel to this, fashion designers in Spain plot a plan to appropriate the tra...
    Spain  2021

  • La Queenciañera
    Bamby, a transgender activist, hosts a 50th birthday celebration attended by the people who made her.
    Spain  2021

  • Hating Peter Tatchell
    The profound life story of the controversial human rights campaigner whose provocative acts of civil disobedience rocked the establishment, revolutionised attitudes to homosexuality and exposed tyrants in the fight for equality.
    Australia  2021

  • Sedimentos
    Six trans women travel to a small town in León where they will explore unusual landscapes, as well as the ins and outs of their own personalities. Looking for answers to what connects them as a group, they will learn to deal with...
    Spain  2021

  • Always Jane
    Available on Amazon Prime
    4 episodes. Jane Noury lives with her family in rural New Jersey, and like any teenager, must balance friends, family, and school. While today's political and social climate may not seem like the easiest time for a transgender tee...
    United States  2021

  • Untold: Caitlyn Jenner (tv)
    Available on Netflix
    Caitlyn Jenner's unlikely path to Olympic glory was inspirational. But her more challenging road to embracing her true self proved even more meaningful.
    United States  2021

  • Unsound
    A disillusioned musician's romantic spark is ignited by a young trans man as they work together to save his community nightclub for the deaf.
    Australia  2020

  • La Felicidad En La Que Vivo
    Samantha Flores, an 87 year old trans woman dreams with creating a nursing home for elder LGBTTI+ community.
    Mexico  2020