List of Movies - Crime

  • Madame
    Inside a grand Parisian apartment lives an elegant elderly lady. And inside this lady lives a monster.
    France  2019
  • Motherless Brooklyn
    Set against the backdrop of 1950s New York, Motherless Brooklyn follows Lionel Essrog, a lonely private detective afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome, as he ventures to solve the murder of his mentor and only friend, Frank Minna.
    United States  2019
  • The Informer
    Ex-convict and former Special Ops soldier Pete Koslow, in order to free himself from jail and return to his wife and daughter, has been working undercover for crooked FBI handlers to infiltrate the Polish mob’s drug trade in New...
    United Kingdom  2019
  • The Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man (tv)
    The body of a woman who had been missing for 3 years is found. Her husband, acquitted for lack of evidence but now seen as guilty, asks Alex for help. As she investigates for her podcast, a colleague investigates fishy river shipp
    United States  2019
  • The Irishman
    Steve Zaillian will adapt "I Heard You Paint Houses," the book about the mob assassin who many believe was involved in the deathof Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa. DeNiro will play Frank "the Irishman" Sheeran, who i...
    United States  2019
  • Polvo
    After a ten year absence, "El Chato" returns to San Ignacio, his hometown, in order to retrieve a shipment of cocaine that was dropped there by a cartel pilot.
    Mexico  2019
  • Meitantei Conan: Konjo No Fisuto
    The film is set in Singapore, and is the first Detective Conan film set outside of Japan. Singapore's famous Marina Bay Sands, is the site of a murder case in the film. The plot involves a large gem known as the "Blue Sapphir...
    Japan  2019
  • Uncut Gems
    Set in the diamond district of New York City, Howard Ratner, a jewelry store owner and dealer to the rich and famous, must find a way to pay his debts when his merchandise is taken from one of his top sellers and girlfriend. Rele...
    United States  2019
  • The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil
    A gangster boss (Ma Dong Seok) and a police officer who is part of the serious crimes squad (Kim Moo Yeol) must team up despite their differences to chase after a murderer named K (Kim Sung Kyu).
    South Korea  2019
  • Once Upon A Time In London
    Dramatising the violent reign of two of London's most notorious gangsters, Billy Hill (Leo Gregory) and Jack 'Spot' Comer (Terry Stone), "Once Upon a Time in London" charts the legendary rise and fall of a nationwide cri...
    United Kingdom  2019
  • La Jauría
    In the dead of the night, in the heart of a forest: a car. Inside, inhaling carbon monoxide, a man awakens. He finds himself surrounded by three other men, apparently dead. It's the image of a perfect collective suicide. But they'...
    Spain  2019
  • Huachicolero
    An innocent crush propels fourteen year old Lalo's descent into the criminal underworld of illegal gasoline extraction. What begins as a fast track for the latest smartphone quickly veers into a deadly fight for his life.
    Mexico  2019
  • Judy  Punch
    In the anarchic town of Seaside, nowhere near the sea, puppeteers Judy and Punch are trying to resurrect their marionette show. The show is a hit due to Judy’s superior puppeteering but Punch’s driving ambition and penchant fo...
    Australia  2019
  • Der Goldene Handschuh
    A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s.
    Germany  2019
  • Joker
    Joker centers around an origin of the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen. Todd Phillips' exploration of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man disregarded by society, is not o...
    United States  2019