List of Movies - 1980s

  • Cesar's Last Fast
    In 1988, Cesar Chavez embarked on what would be his last act of protest in his remarkable life. Driven in part to pay penance for feeling he had not done enough, Chavez began his “Fast for Life,” a 36-day water-only hunger str...
    United States  2014
  • Lasa Eta Zabala (lasa Y Zabala)
    October 1983. Young Basque refugees Joxean Lasa and Joxi Zabala disappear in Bayonne without a trace. It will be another twelve years until their bodies, murdered and buried in quicklime, are identified and a long, tortuous invest...
    Spain  2014
  • Eden
    In the 90’s, French electronic music is developing at a fast pace. In the exciting Paris nightlife, Paul is taking his first steps as a DJ. With his best friend he creates a duo called Cheers, and they rapidly find their audienc...
    France  2014
  • Der Goalie Bin Ig (i Am The Keeper)
    It’s at the end of the eighties, and the hedonist Ernst, whom everyone calls “Goalie,” returns to the small town of Schummertal after spending one year in prison. This is where he grew up; everyone here knows him. Goalie wan...
    Switzerland  2014
  • Viktoria
    Year 1979. Although determined not to have a child in Communist Bulgaria, Boryana gives birth to Viktoria, who despite being born with no umbilical cord, is proclaimed to be the baby of the decade. But political collapse and the h...
    Bulgaria  2014
  • Muerte En Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires in the 1980s. Detective Chavez, a family man and a tough cop, once again must solve a mysterious crime. To reveal the identity of the murderer, Chavez must clarify the enigma waiting in ambush to capture his own heart...
    Argentina  2014
  • Incompresa (misunderstood)
    Aria is a 9 year-old girl who unwillingly finds herself to live the violent separation of her parents, drifted apart from her half-sisters in an extended family. Her parents do not love her as much as she would like. Aria, pulled ...
    Italy  2014
  • La Isla Mínima
    Spain in the early 80s. Two young girls disappear from a town deep in the Guadalquivir wetlands. Two detectives are sent from Madrid; both use very different methods and are not precisely going through the best moment in their pro...
    Spain  2014
  • Invasión
    INVASION is a documentary about the collective memory of a country. The invasion of Panama by the U.S in 1989 serves as an excuse to explore how a people remember, transform, and often forget their past in order re-define their id...
    Panama  2014
  • The Normal Heart (tv)
    The story of the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, taking an unflinching look at the nation's sexual politics as gay activists and their allies in the medical community fight to expose the truth abo...
    United States  2014
  • A Most Violent Year
    Set in 1981, which was statistically New York City's most violent year. Immigrant Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) and his wife Anna (Jessica Chastain) try to expand their business and make their American Dream come true but find it dif...
    United States  2014
  • Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces
    Twin Peaks before Twin Peaks (1990) and at the same time not always and entirely in the same place as Twin Peaks: fuego camina conmigo (1992). A feature film which presents deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: fuego camina conmigo (199...
    United States  2014
  • Cold In July
    When a protective father meets a murderous ex-con, both need to deviate from the path they are on as they soon find themselves entangled in a downwards spiral of lies and violence while having to confront their own inner psyche.
    United States  2014
  • Love & Mercy
    The life of reclusive Beach Boys songwriter and musician Brian Wilson, from his successes with highly-influential orchestral pop albums to his nervous breakdown and subsequent encounter with controversial therapist Dr. Eugene Land
    United States  2014