List of Movies - 1980s

  • Wandavision
    TV-Series (2021). 9 episodes. Blends the style of classic sitcoms with the MCU in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision -two super-powered beings living their ideal suburban lives-begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.
    United States  2021
  • Atlanta's Missing And Murdered: The Lost Children
    In the period between 1979 to 1981, at least 30 African-American children and young adults disappeared or were murdered in Atlanta. Although 23-year-old Wayne Williams was prosecuted for two of the crimes, the rest of the cases we...
    United States  2020
  • Small Axe: Alex Wheatle (tv)
    Alex Wheatle follows the true story of award-winning writer, Alex Wheatle (Sheyi Cole), from a young boy through his early adult years. Having spent his childhood in a mostly white institutional care home with no love or family, h...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Small Axe: Lovers Rock (tv)
    A single evening at a house party in 1980s West London sets the scene, developing intertwined relationships against a background of violence, romance and music. Coescrito por Steven McQueen junto a Courttia Newland, está protago...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Sluzobnici
    The Catholic Church is having a hard time in Czechoslovakia in the early 1980s. The communist regime threatens to crush it unless it submits to strict control and accepts restrictions on freedom of belief and expression. The clerg...
    Slovakia  2020
  • Dating Amber
    Irland, in the 80s. Two school friends, Eddie (O'Shea) and Amber (Petticrew), decide to start a pretend straight relationship in an effort to fit in and stop the rumors about their sexuality.
    Ireland  2020
  • El Olvido Que Seremos
    Portrays the life of Héctor Abad Gómez, a prominent doctor and human rights activist in the polarized, violent Medellin of the 70s. A family man worried not only for his own children but those of the underprivileged classes as w...
    Colombia  2020
  • Small Axe
    Small Axe is a collection of five original films by Steve McQueen set from the late 1960s to the mid 1980s that tell personal stories from London's West Black community, whose lives have been shaped by their own force of will desp...
    United Kingdom  2020
  • The Nest
    In the 1980s, an entrepreneur moves his American family back to the U.K. and into an old mansion house, a home that threatens to tear the family apart.
    United Kingdom  2020
  • The Name Engraved In Your Heart
    In 1988, martial law ends in Taiwan and two schoolboys, A-han and Birdy, are about to enter into an illicit love affair after meeting in the school band led by a Canadian priest named Oliver. While the whole country commemorates t...
    Taiwan  2020
  • Gli Anni Più Belli
    The story of Italy, from the 80s to nowadays, told through the life of four friends, Giulio, Gemma, Paolo e Riccardo; during 40 years of loves, aspirations, success and failures.
    Italy  2020
  • Sputnik
    The lone survivor of an enigmatic spaceship incident hasn't returned back home alone-hiding inside his body is a dangerous creature.
    Russia  2020
  • Selena: La Serie (tv Series)
    9 episodes. Late Tejano singer Selena as her dreams come true, and her family makes life-changing choices on the singer's journey to success.
    United States  2020
  • The Haunting Of Bly Manor (tv Series)
    After an au pair’s tragic death, Henry hires a young American nanny to care for his orphaned niece and nephew who reside at Bly Manor with the chef Owen, groundskeeper Jamie and housekeeper, Mrs. Grose.
    United States  2020