List of Movies - Premieres


  • Flow Calle
    An urban music singer from a poor neighborhood goes through love and pain on her way to success.
    Dominican Republic  2022
  • Franklin, Historia De Un Billete
    Franklin, is a crime thriller that follows the story of an ex fighter and a prostitute while they try to break loose from a criminal organization. Unscrupulous boxing promoters, corrupt cops, violent drug dealers, and incompetent ...
    Argentina  2022
  • The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent
    A cash-strapped Nicolas Cage agrees to make a paid appearance at a billionaire super fan's birthday party, but is really an informant for the CIA since the billionaire fan is a drug kingpin and gets cast in a Tarantino movie.
    United States  2022
  • Memory
    An assassin-for-hire finds that he's become a target after he refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization. A remake of the 2003 Belgian film 'The Memory of a Killer'.
    United States  2022
  • Frère Et Soeur
    The story revolves around a brother and sister who are nearing their fifties - Alice is an actress, Louis was a teacher and a poet. They no longer speak to one another and have been avoiding each other for over twenty years, but t...
    France  2022
  • Coupez!
    Things go badly for a small film crew shooting a low budget zombie movie when they are attacked by real zombies.
    France  2022
  • Meitantei Conan: Halloween No Hanayome
    During the wedding of Takagi and Sato, an assailant breaks and tries to attack Sato. But Takagi protects her while getting injured. The attacker escapes, but the situation is settled, although Sato is rightfully rattled by it all.
    Japan  2022
  • Private Property
    Kathryn, a struggling actress and unfulfilled housewife, becomes involved with her new gardener, Ben. As he gives her the attention and sensitivity she craves, they start to fall for each other. But Ben is not what he seems.
    United States  2022
  • Monstrous
    Story centers on a traumatized woman fleeing from her abusive ex-husband with her 7-year-old son. In their new, remote sanctuary they find they have a bigger, more terrifying monster to deal with.
    United States  2022
  • Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story
    A film that not only captures the signature annual music and cultural event that has been called America's greatest festival in all of its beauty and glory, but also delves deep into the rich culture of The Big Easy.
    United States  2022
  • Tankhouse
    After being blacklisted from the NYC theatre industry, two Upper East Side New Yorkers, Tucker and Sandrene, decide their only course of action is to move to Fargo, ND and start a theatrical revolution.
    United States  2022
  • Jetski
    A group of friends enjoying a weekend steal a couple of jetskis racing them out to sea, ending up in a horrific head-on collision. They struggle to find a way back home with a badly injured friend while from the waters below preda
    United Kingdom  2022
  • Family Camp
    When two polar-opposite families are forced to camp together, the dads struggle to hold onto their families and marriages as they compete for the coveted camp trophy.
    United States  2022
  • Emergency
    Ready for a night of partying, a group of Latino college students must weigh the pros and cons of calling the police when faced with an emergency.
    United States  2022
  • Men
    After suffering a personal tragedy, Harper (Jessie Buckley) retreats alone to the beautiful English countryside, hoping she has found the ideal place to heal. But something or someone seems to be stalking her. What begins as a lat...
    United States  2022