Ingrid Bergman

Profession: Actress
Ingrid Bergman
Birthdate: August 29, 1915
Date of death: August 29, 1982
Age: 67 years
Country: Sweden Sweden
Horoscope: Virgo
Stature: 1,75 m


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Ingrid Bergman was an swedish Actress. She has won three Academy Awards, four Golden Globes Awards and an BAFTA Awards. She's known for Casablanca (1942), Hollywood: The Great Stars (1963) and Anastasia (1956).

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  • Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words
    A captivating look behind the scenes of the remarkable life of a young Swedish girl who became one of the most celebrated actresses of American and World cinema.
    Character: Herself (archive footage)
    Sweden  2015
  • Fellini Narrates: A Discovered Self-Portrait
    A collection of radio and television interviews with director Federico Fellini, recorded from February 1952, when Fellini's first solo feature "The White Sheik" was released, up to 1967, as he worked on the never-complet...
    Italy  2000
  • Hitchcock, Selznick and the End of Hollywood (TV)
    This excellent documentary interweaves the biographies of two highly different but equally important characters of cinema history: David O. Selznick, producer, and Alfred Hitchcock, movie director.
    Character: (archive footage)
    United States  1998
  • Nitrate Base
    This documentary celebrates the 100th anniversary of the cinema birth. It is an historic running through the technical and artistic evolution of the 7th art. We move from mute to sound, from B&W to color, trough all the gender...
    Character: (archive footage)
    Italy  1996
  • Orson Welles: The One-Man Band
    Orson Welles' archives of unfinished/never released movies and the last years of his life from the perspective of Oja Kodar (life and artistic partner Of Orson Welles in his last years). She discovers with the viewer many of the p...
    Character: Self (segment "Salute to Orson Welles") (archive footage)
    Germany  1995
  • Cary Grant: A Celebration of a Leading Man
    A retrospective of the life and career of actor Cary Grant, including clips from his films and interviews with his friends and co-workers.
    Character: Self (archive footage)
    United States  1988
  • Bacall on Bogart (Great Performances) (TV)
    Lauren Bacall tells the story of her late husband Humphrey Bogart, presenting clips from his movies and interview clips with his peers.
    Character: Self (archive footage)
    United States  1988
  • A Woman Called Golda (TV)
    The story of the Russian-born, Wisconsin-raised woman who rose to become Israel's prime minister in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
    Character: Golda Meir
    United States  1982
  • Autumn Sonata
    Charlotte (Ingrid Bergman) is an acclaimed concert pianist who is visiting her daughter Eva (Liv Ullmann) for the first time in seven years. While Charlotte and Eva struggle to be civil, there is a deep emotional gulf between them...
    Character: Charlotte Andergast
    West Germany (BRD)  1978
  • A Matter of Time
    In the midst of a press conference, popular film star Nina flashes back to 1949 and her days as a chambermaid toiling in a dilapidated hotel in Rome, where she meets aging, ailing, eccentric Contessa Sanziani, once the toast of Eu...
    Character: Contessa Sanziani
    United States  1976
  • Murder on the Orient Express
    The Famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot boards the Orient Express, and one of the passengers requests his protection. The next day the passenger is found dead in his compartment, and Poirot is determined to atone for his failu...
    Character: Greta
    United States  1974
  • A Walk in the Spring Rain
    Libby Meredith and her husband Roger, a college professor, have a quiet, comfortable marriage. They journey to the Great Smoky Mountain region of Tennessee, where Roger will spend his sabbatical year writing a book. Their neighbor...
    Character: Libby Meredith
    United States  1970
  • Cactus Flower
    Twenty-one year old Toni Simmons and middle aged married dentist Dr. Julian Winston are in love with each other. Toni values honesty above all else, but their relationship is based on a lie: Julian is not married. He initially tol...
    Character: Stephanie Dickinson
    United States  1969
  • The Human Voice (TV)
    The Human Voice chronicles the drama which unfolds throughout the course of the protagonist's monologue. Performed by the iconic Ingrid Bergman, a middle-aged woman reeling from a recently ended love affair offers the audience an ...
    Character: A Woman
    United Kingdom  1966
  • The Yellow Rolls-Royce
    Written by Terence Rattigan, The Yellow Rolls-Royce presented three stages in the life of the Rolls. We saw it first in a West End shop-window, where its impressive dignity and hypnotic appeal arrest the eye of Rex Harrison, an En...
    Character: Gerda Millett
    United Kingdom  1964
  • The Visit
    Carla Zachanassian had a child by Serge Miller as a teenager. When Serge refused to marry her, she was driven out of town. By her own wit and cunning, she has returned as a multi-millionaire for a visit. The town lays out the red ...
    Character: Karla Zachanassian
    United States  1964
  • Hollywood: The Great Stars
    Host Henry Fonda follows the creation of the star system with Mary Pickford in the Silent Era through its demise in the early Sixties.
    Character: Self (archive footage)
    United States  1963
  • Hedda Gabler (TV)
    Hedda Gabler is a woman who, for financial security, has married an earnest and dutiful academic who lacks the passion and imagination that drive Hedda. When Eilert Lövborg (Trevor Howard), a former lover, returns to their city, ...
    Character: Hedda Gabler
    United Kingdom  1962
  • Auguste
    Character: Cameo Appearance
    France  1961
  • Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman's Life (TV)
    Helen Lester is in love with a man she has known just 24 hours, a playboy who spent time in jail for passing bad checks. Though the man has promised to change, most of her straitlaced relatives are up in arms. But Clare Lester, He...
    Character: Clare Lester
    United Kingdom  1961
  • Goodbye Again
    In this adaptation of Francoise Sagan's best selling novel, Paula is a beautiful, 40-year old, highly successful businesswoman. She is deeply in love with Roger, her mature consort of five years. Roger is a very charming "gal...
    Character: Paula Tessier
    United States  1961
  • Startime (TV Series)
    TV Series (1959-1960). 1 season. 33 episodes. An anthology show of drama, comedy, and variety broadcast in color.
    Character:  Governess 1 episode, 1959
    United States  1959
  • Indiscreet
    Anna Kalman is an accomplished actress who has given up hope of finding the man of her dreams. She is in the middle of taking off her face cream, while talking about this subject with her sister, when in walks Philip Adams. She lo...
    Character: Anna Kalman
    United Kingdom  1958
  • The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
    All her life Englishwoman Gladys Aylward knew that China was the place where she belonged. Not qualified to be sent there as a missionary, Gladys works as a domestic to earn the money to send herself to a poor, remote village. The...
    Character: Gladys Aylward
    United States  1958
  • Paris Does Strange Things
    Polish Princess Elena (Ingrid Bergman) believes she was born to be the guardian angel of great causes and great (undiscovered) men. It is only when men need her that she is interested in them and she abandons them when they have a...
    Character: Elena Sokorowska
    France  1956
  • Anastasia
    Russian exiles in Paris plot to collect ten million pounds from the Bank of England by grooming a destitute, suicidal girl to pose as heir to the Russian throne. While Bounin is coaching her he comes to believe she is really Anast...
    Character: Anna Koreff
    United States  1956
  • Fear
    Roberto Rossellini directs his then-wife Ingrid Bergman in the suspenseful drama La Paura (Fear), based on the book by Stefan Zweig. Guilt-stricken Irene Wagner (Bergman) is forced to hide her secret affair with Erich Baumann (Kur...
    Character: Irene Wagner
    Italy  1954
  • Joan at the Stake
    Directed by Bergman's then-husband Roberto Rossellini, Joan at the Stake is a nonmusical adaptation of the oratorio by Paul Claudel and Arthur Honegger.
    Character: Giovanna d'Arco (Joan of Arc)
    Italy  1954
  • Journey to Italy
    When a quarrelsome married couple travels to Italy to explore a posh estate they've inherited, temptations and trials await them. Eventually, both experience a profound physical and psychological transformation amid the sensuality...
    Character: Katherine Joyce
    Italy  1954
  • We, the Women
    Five portraits of actresses in their "common" life, seen as women rather than movie stars. The first episode (of Alfredo Guarini) is the chronicle of a contest for aspirant actresses: Emma Danieli and Anna Amendola. ...
    Character: Ingrid (segment "Ingrid Bergman")
    Italy  1953
  • Europa '51 (The Greatest Love)
    An American woman (Ingrid Bergman) relocates to post-war Rome to deal with her misgivings after the death of her son.
    Character: Irene Girard
    Italy  1952
  • Stromboli
    Karen, a young woman from the baltic countries, marries fisherman Antonio to escape from a prisoners camp. But the life in Antonio's village, Stromboli, threatened by the vulcano, is a tough one and Karen can not get used to it.
    Character: Karin
    Italy  1950
  • Under Capricorn
    In 1831, Irishman Charles Adare travels to Australia to start a new life with the help of his cousin who has just been appointed governor. When he arrives he meets powerful landowner and ex-convict Sam Flusky, who wants to do a bu...
    Character: Lady Henrietta Flusky
    United Kingdom  1949
  • Arch of Triumph
    In winter of 1938, Paris is crowded with refugees from the Nazis, who live in the black shadows of night, trying to evade deportation. One such is Dr. Ravic, who practices medicine illegally and stalks his old Nazi enemy Haake wit...
    Character: Joan Madou
    United States  1948
  • Joan of Arc
    In the Fifteenth Century, France is a defeated and ruined nation after the One Hundred Years War against England. The fourteen years old farm girl Joan of Arc claims to hear voices from Heaven asking her to lead God's Army against...
    Character: Joan of Arc
    United States  1948
  • Notorious
    A beautiful woman with a tainted past (Ingrid Bergman) is enlisted by American agent Devlin (Cary Grant) to spy on a ring of Nazis in post-war Rio. Her espionage work becomes life-threatening after she marries the most debonair of...
    Character: Alicia Huberman
    United States  1946
  • Bells of St. Mary's
    Father O'Malley the unconventional priest from 'Going My Way' continues his work for the Catholic Church. This time he is sent to St. Mary's, a run-down parochial school on the verge of condemnation. He and Sister Benedict work to...
    Character: Sister Mary Benedict
    United States  1945
  • Saratoga Trunk
    On the death of her mother, the vivacious Clio Dulaine returns from Paris to her childhood home in New Orleans to seek revenge for the humiliation her mother suffered there from her father's wife's family. She also plans to marry ...
    Character: Clio Dulaine
    United States  1945
  • Spellbound
    Dr. Anthony Edwardes, sent to replace Dr. Murchison as head of Green Manors mental hospital, is an impostor. When Murchinson calls the police, Edwardes leaves, followed by Dr. Constance Peterson, who has fallen in love with him an...
    Character: Dr. Constance Petersen
    United States  1945
  • Gaslight
    Gregory Anton (Boyer) is a smooth and cunning gentleman who seduces and marries the gullible Paula Alquist (Bergman). They take up residence in Paula's childhood home, long abandoned since the murder of her aunt years previously. ...
    Character: Paula Alquist
    United States  1944
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls
    This respectful adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novel of the Spanish Civil War was one of the most sensational and popular films to come out of wartime Hollywood. Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman were Hemingway's personal choices f...
    Character: María
    United States  1943
  • Casablanca
    Humphrey Bogart plays Richard "Rick" Blaine, a cynical but good-hearted American whose café is the gathering place for everyone from the French Police to the black market to the Nazis. When his long-lost love, Ilsa (Ing...
    Character: Ilsa Lund
    United States  1942
  • Adam Had Four Sons
    Emilie has been hired to care for the four sons of wealthy Adam Stoddard and his wife, Molly. After Molly dies, Adam and the boys grow to depend on Emilie even more. At the same time, Emilie falls in love with Adam. The boys grow ...
    Character: Emilie Gallatin
    United States  1941
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Dr. Jekyll believes good and evil exist in everyone. Experiments reveal his evil side, named Hyde. Experience teaches him how evil Hyde can be: he kills Ivy who earlier expressed interest in Jekyll and Sir Charles, Jekyll's faince
    Character: Ivy Peterson
    United States  1941
  • Intermezzo: A Love Story
    After a successful tour ended in New York, the famous violinist Holger Brandt returns to his home in Stockholm. In the birthday party of his beloved daughter Ann Marie, he feels attracted by and plays with her piano teacher, Anita...
    Character: Anita Hoffman
    United States  1939
  • Only One Night
    Funfair worker Valdemar is without his knowledge the illegitimate son of a rich landowner, colonel von Brede. The colonel knows and employs Valdemar as his stable master. The colonel has a young and beautiful ward, Eva, but will s...
    Character: Eva Beckman
    Sweden  1939
  • Swedenhielms Family
    The Swedenhielm's is an old aristocratic family. The head of the family is professor Rolf Swedenhielm. His three children Bo, Julia and Rolf jr also live in the house. They also have an excellent house maid, Boman. Because of the ...
    Character: Astrid
    Sweden  1935
  • Landskamp
    Missed film.
    Character: Girl Waiting in Line
    Sweden  1932