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Profession: Actor
Michael Gambon
Birthdate: October 19, 1940
Age: 82 years
Country: Ireland Ireland
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Michael Gambon is an Irish Actor. He has won four BAFTA Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) and an Critics Choice Awards. He's known for Dancing at Lughnasa (1998), The King's Speech (2010) and Emma (TV Miniseries) (2009).

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  • Cordelia
    Cordelia lives with her twin sister, Caroline in a basement flat in Central London. Once a promising actress, an event in Cordelia’s past changed her outlook and emotional state. Her gradual move towards independence is placed i...
    Character: Moses
    United Kingdom  2019
  • Judy
    Legendary performer arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts.
    United Kingdom  2019
  • The Death & Life of John F. Donovan
    The story of an American movie star with everything working out for him who has a secretive correspondence with an 11 year old in London.
    Character: Man in Diner
    Canada  2018
  • King of Thieves
    A true crime film about a crew of retired crooks who pull off a major heist in London's jewelry district. What starts off as their last criminal hurrah quickly turns into a brutal nightmare due to greed.
    Character: Billy the Fish Lincoln
    United Kingdom  2018
  • The Last Witness
    An ambitious young journalist uncovers the horrific slaughter of 22,000 Polish officers during the Second World War. A secret that has been kept hidden for far too many years.
    Character: Frank Hamilton
    United Kingdom  2018
  • My Name Is Lenny
    The life story of one of Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle fighters, Lenny McLean, also known as "the Guv'nor."
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Little Women (TV Miniseries)
    Dramatisation of Louisa May Alcott's novel about the lives of the four March sisters during the American Civil War as they learn to navigate love, loss and the trials of growing up.
    Character:  Mr. Laurence 3 episodes, 2017
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle
    When an attack on the Kingsman headquarters takes place and a new villain rises, Eggsy and Merlin are forced to work together with the American agency Statesman to save the world. Their journey leads them to the discovery of an al...
    Character: Arthur
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Mad to Be Normal
    'Mad To Be Normal' tells the story of world-renowned Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing and his unique community at Kingsley Hall, East London, during the 1960's.
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Viceroy's House
    In 1947, Lord Mountbatten assumes the post of last Viceroy, charged with handing India back to its people, living upstairs at the house which was the home of British rulers, whilst 500 Hindu, Muslim and Sikh servants lived downsta
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Victoria and Abdul
    It tells the true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria’s remarkable rule. When Abdul Karim, a young clerk, travels from India to participate in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he is surprised to f...
    Character: Lord Salisbury
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Dad's Army
    A cinema remake of the classic sitcom _Dad's Army (1968)_. The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon deal with a visiting female journalist and a German spy as World War II draws to its conclusion.
    United Kingdom  2016
  • Fortitude (TV Series)
    Fortitude is a place like nowhere else on Earth. Surrounded by the savage beauty of the polar landscape, its future sparkling with the promise of Arctic opportunity, wealth and discovery, Fortitude is one of the safest towns on ea...
    United Kingdom  2015
  • Common (TV)
    Jimmy McGovern's gritty drama stars Nico Mirallegro as guileless 17 year old Johnjo O'Shea, who goes from innocent bystander to accessory to premeditated murder after giving a few friends a lift.
    United Kingdom  2014
  • Restless (TV Miniseries)
    A young woman finds out that her mother worked as a spy for the British Secret Service during World War II and has been on the run ever since.
    Character: Lord Romer
    United Kingdom  2012
  • Quartet
    Cecily, Reggie and Wilfred are in a home for retired opera singers. Every year, on October 10, there is a concert to celebrate Verdi's birthday and they take part. Jean, who used to be married to Reggie, arrives at the home and di...
    Character: Cedric Livingston
    United Kingdom  2012
  • Page Eight (TV)
    Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy) is a long-serving MI5 officer. His boss and best friend Benedict Baron (Michael Gambon) dies suddenly, leaving behind him an inexplicable file, threatening the stability of the organization. Meanwhile...
    United Kingdom  2011
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
    The end begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemorts final horcruxes, but when Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the
    Character: Albus Dumbledore
    United Kingdom  2011
  • Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol (TV)
    A space liner, with a large number of passengers aboard, is in difficulties while flying through the atmosphere of an unknown planet. Amy and Rory have been spending some time on board in the honeymoon suite and they quickly appea...
    United Kingdom  2010
  • The Book of Eli
    A post-apocalyptic tale, 30 years after the 'flash', in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.
    Character: George
    United States  2010
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
    Voldemort's power is growing stronger. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to finish Dumbledore's work and find the rest of the Horcruxes to defeat the Dark Lord. But little ...
    Character: Albus Dumbledore
    United Kingdom  2010
  • The King's Speech
    This is the story of King George VI. When his older brother abdicates the throne, nervous-mannered successor George "Bertie" VI (Colin Firth) reluctantly dons the crown. Though his stutter soon raises concerns about his ...
    Character: Jorge V
    United Kingdom  2010
  • Emma (TV Miniseries)
    Emma Woodhouse (Romola Garai) seems to be perfectly content, a loving father whom she cares for, friends, and a home. But Emma has a terrible habit - matchmaking. She cannot resist finding suitors for her friends, most of all Harr...
    Character:  Mr. Woodhouse 4 episodes, 2009
    United Kingdom  2009
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    In the sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, and in both wizard and muggle worlds Lord Voldemort and his henchmen are increasingly active. With vacancies to fill at Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore persuades Horace Slughorn, ...
    Character: Albus Dumbledore
    United Kingdom  2009
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
    Angry farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with a sly fox, look to get rid of their opponent and his family. Mr. and Mrs. Fox (voices from George Clooney and Meryl Streep) live an idyllic home life with their son Ash (Jason Sc...
    Character: Franklin Bean
    United States  2009
  • Brideshead Revisited
    The memoirs of Captain Charles Ryder who is stationed at Brideshead Castle during WWII and remembers his involvement with the owners of the Brideshead estate: the aristocratic yet Catholic Flyte family and in particular brother an...
    Character: Lord Marchmain
    United Kingdom  2008
  • Joe's Palace (TV)
    A drama centered on the relationship between Elliot, a strange and wealthy Londoner, and Joe, a teenager who takes care of an empty house Elliot owns.
    United Kingdom  2007
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Harry has returned for his fifth year at Hogwarts after another unhappy summer with the Dursleys, only to find Dumbledore replaced by the odious Dolores Umbridge and the Ministry Of Magic adamantly refusing to accept that Voldemor...
    Character: Albus Dumbledore
    United Kingdom  2007
  • Cranford (TV Miniseries)
    Based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel, it is a five-part period drama set in the 1840s which follows the small absurdities and major tragedies in the lives of the people of Cranford, a small Cheshire market town on the cusp of great
    Character:  Mr Holbrook / ... 2 episodes, 2007
    United Kingdom  2007
  • The Good Night
    Gary (Martin Freeman) is a onetime pop superstar who has swallowed his pride and now makes a living as a jingle writer. Although he has a steady relationship with a longtime girlfriend (Gwyneth Paltrow), he has become bored with h...
    Character: Alan Weigert
    United States  2007
  • Stories of Lost Souls
    In the spirit of the Twilight Zone, Stories of Lost Souls is a hard hitting presentation of six short stories of conquest, desperation and perseverance featuring remarkable performances by an all star cast. Stories Of Lost Sou...
    Character: Larry (segment "Standing Room Only") (archive footage)
    United States  2006
  • The Omen
    An American diplomat begins to suspect that something is wrong with his son, Damien, after a series of strange accidents takes place around him. He begins to suspect that Junior is actually the son of the devil, in this remake of ...
    Character: Bugenhagen
    United States  2006
  • Amazing Grace
    Ioan Gruffudd plays Wilberforce, who, as a Member of Parliament, navigated the world of 18th Century backroom politics to end the slave trade in the British Empire. Albert Finney plays John Newton, a confidante of Wilberforce who ...
    Character: Lord Charles Fox
    United Kingdom  2006
  • The Good Shepherd
    Edward Wilson, the only witness to his father's suicide and member of the Skull and Bones Society while a student at Yale, is a morally upright young man who values honor and discretion, qualities that help him to be recruited for...
    Character: Dr. Fredericks
    United States  2006
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    When Hogwarts hosts the prestigious and dangerous Triwizard Tournament, the enchanted Goblet Of Fire inexplicably selects unqualified 14 year-old Harry (Radcliffe) as a competitor. Thus he has to face three terrifying tasks while ...
    Character: Albus Dumbledore
    United Kingdom  2005
  • Layer Cake
    With a vast amount of money safely invested, a London cocaine peddler (Daniel Craig) is preparing to leave England and start a new life. However, his gangland protector, Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham), has other plans, sending him ...
    Character: Eddie Temple
    United Kingdom  2004
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    With a plan to exact revenge on a mythical shark that killed his partner, oceanographer Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) rallies a crew that includes his estranged wife (Anjelica Huston), a journalist (Cate Blanchett), and a man who may...
    Character: Oseary Drakoulias
    United States  2004
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    Famous scientists around the world have mysteriously disappeared and Chronicle reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) along with ace aviator Sky Captain (Jude Law) are on the investigation. Risking their lives as they travel to ...
    Character: Editor Paley
    United States  2004
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Starting during the summer before Harry's third year at Hogwarts, this is the adventure that happens when he has to go on the run after an incident where he was unable to control his anger... getting on a bus, he hears about Siriu...
    Character: Albus Dumbledore
    United Kingdom  2004
  • Being Julia
    London, year 1938. Concerned that her fading youth and beauty will being to affect her career, estranged from her only son and pretending to be ignorant of her husband's philandering, Julia is adrift in the world, searching for so...
    Character: Jimmie Langton
    Canada  2004
  • The Actors
    Michael Caine and Dylan Moran star in this comedy as O'Malley and Tom, a pair of hopeless Dublin actors, falling prey to the perils of method acting and finding themselves hurled into the criminal underworld. With the aid of cunni...
    Ireland  2003
  • Sylvia
    The story of celebrated American poet Sylvia Plath and her turbulent marriage to a future poet laureate of England, Ted Hughes. Ted and Sylvia were a sensuous, volatile and brilliant couple who emerged as two of the most influenti...
    Character: Professor Thomas
    United Kingdom  2003
  • Open Range
    A group of free grazers, four men trying to escape their past, are driving cattle and living off the land on the open range -- a place where nature makes the only laws. When a ruthless, evil rancher tries to run them out of town, ...
    Character: Denton Baxter
    United States  2003
  • Angels in America (TV Miniseries)
    It follows a sprawling group of characters as they navigate their way through the cutthroat New York City of the 1980s, when AIDS began to rear its ugly head. Getting sicker by the minute, Prior Walter (Justin Kirk) is abandoned b...
    Character:  Prior Walter Ancestor #1 unknown episodes
    United States  2003
  • Ali G Indahouse
    Ali G unwittingly becomes a pawn in the evil Chancellor's plot to overthrow the Prime Minister of Great Britain. However, instead of bringing the Prime Minister down, Ali is embraced by the nation as the voice of youth and 'realne...
    Character: Prime Minister
    United Kingdom  2002
  • Path to War (TV)
    The future looks bright for President Lyndon B. Johnson [Michael Gambon] on January 20, 1965. At his inaugural ball, the President and Lady Bird Johnson [Felicity Huffman] celebrate in grand Texas style with his family and members...
    Character: Lyndon Johnson
    United States  2002
  • Charlotte Gray
    Set in Nazi–occupied France at the height of World War II, Charlotte Gray tells the compelling story of a young Scottish woman working with the French Resistance in the hope of rescuing her lover, a missing RAF pilot.
    Character: Levade
    United States  2001
  • Perfect Strangers (TV Miniseries)
    TV miniseries. 3 episodes. Perfect Strangers, Stephen Poliakoff's TV drama, depicts an upper-class English family where distrust, dysfunction and despair are guests at the party. The family are gathered together in an opulent hote...
    United Kingdom  2001
  • Gosford Park
    GOSFORD PARK explores the English class system and master-servant relations via his preferred modus operandi of multiple characters and intertwining storylines. In November 1932, a phalanx of moneyed guests arrives for a weekend s...
    Character: Sir William McCordle
    United Kingdom  2001
  • Longitude (TV Miniseries)
    In the 18th century, the only way to navigate accurately at sea was to follow a coastline all the way, which would not get you from Europe to the West Indies or the Americas. Observing the sun or stars would give you the latitude,...
    Character: John Harrison
    United Kingdom  2000
  • Wives and Daughters (TV Miniseries)
    Set in the early 1800s, the story takes place in a small, gossip-driven English town. Upon the remarriage of her father, heroine Molly Gibson (Justine Waddell) isn't quite sure how to "take" to her modish stepmother, Hya...
    Character:  Squire Hamley 4 episodes, 1999
    United Kingdom  1999
  • The Insider
    Based on the article "The Man Who Knew Too Much," THE INSIDER depicts the true story of Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe), a successful scientist who is fired from the Brown & Williamson tobacco company for objecting to certain lab t...
    Character: Thomas Sandefur
    United States  1999
  • Sleepy Hollow
    Near the end of the 18th Century. Constable Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) earns the disfavour of the courts in New York City for insisting that scientific methods be used to solve crimes rather than guilt by assumption. In reproach,...
    Character: Baltus
    United States  1999
  • Dancing at Lughnasa
    Ireland. In the turbulent times of 1936, the five unmarried Mundy sisters live in a modest croft at the heart of a rugged farm outside Ballybeg, a small town in Donegal. The imperious teacher Kate (Meryl Streep), the irreverent bi...
    Character: Father Jack Mundy
    Ireland  1998
  • The Wings of the Dove
    Kate Croy's mother was born to wealth and privilege, but she threw it all away to marry Kate's father, a penniless opium addict who admits to having stolen from his wife. After her mother's death, Kate is offered an opportunity to...
    Character: padre de Kate
    United Kingdom  1997
  • Midnight in Saint Petersburg (TV)
    Michael Caine reprises the role of Harry Palmer in this low-budget thriller. This time he finds himself in Russia trying to save a Russian ballerina from kidnappers and stop a nuclear war.
    Character: Alex
    United Kingdom  1996
  • Samson and Delilah (TV)
    British director Nicolas Roeg, best known for his films Walkabout and The Man Who Fell To Earth, helmed this made-for-cable adaptation of the epic tale from The Old Testament's Book of Judges. Starring Eric Thal as the legendary s...
    United States  1996
  • Nothing Personal
    A raw depiction of the Belfast 'troubles' as savage tribal warfare. Set shortly after the 1975 cease fire, the film focuses on the tribulations of Kenny, Protestant leader of a group of Shankill Road Loyalists, and his one-time fr...
    United Kingdom  1995
  • The Browning Version
    Andrew Crocker-Harris (Albert Finney), a teacher of Greek and Latin at a traditional English prep school, is called the "Hitler of the Lower Sixth" by his students. His rigidity and cruelty are the sad remnants of an ext...
    United Kingdom  1994
  • Toys
    From a distance, it looks as if a large, mischievous child scattered his building blocks across the green rolling hills. Over them, a guardian elephant trumpets a snowstorm. Inside is a world of things which whiz, whistle, wiggle...
    Character: Lt. General Leland Zevo
    United States  1992
  • Mobsters
    Mobsters is thehe story of a group of friends (who became 'Lucky' Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky) in turn of the century New York, from their early days as street hoods to their rise in the world of organiz...
    Character: Don Faranzano
    United States  1991
  • The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
    One of the most controversial films of all time, the title of this Jacobean revenge-tragedy, set in an upscale French restaurant, says it all. The restaurant is visited nightly by the sadistic Thief (a ferocious Gambon). His batte...
    United Kingdom  1989
  • A Dry White Season
    Ben du Toit is a schoolteacher who always has considered himself a man of caring and justice, at least on the individual level. When his gardeners son is brutally beaten up by the police at a demonstration by black school children...
    United States  1989
  • The Singing Detective (TV Miniseries)
    Detective novelist Philip Marlow suffers from the crippling disease of psoriatic arthropathy. Confined to a hospital bed, Marlow mentally rewrites his early Chandleresque thriller, "The Singing Detective," with himself i...
    United Kingdom  1986
  • Tales of the Unexpected (TV Series)
    TV Series (1979-1988). 9 seasons. 112 episodes. A British anthology of mystery, suspense, horror and black comedy, highlighted by plot twists and surprise endings (in the early seasons, all by Roald Dahl), with lots of prestigious...
    Character:  Andrew 1 episode, 1980
    United Kingdom  1979
  • The Beast Must Die
    A millionaire invites a group of disparate individuals to his estate in Scotland, where he reveals that one of them is a werewolf whom he is going to uncover and kill. His estate has been equipped with the latest surveillance equi...
    United Kingdom  1974
  • Nothing But the Night
    Already three trustees of the Van Traylen fund have died during the last months, looking like suicides. However after a mysterious accident of a bus with the last three trustees and 30 orphan kids in it, police colonel Bingham sta...
    United Kingdom  1973
  • Othello
    Desdemona defies her father to marry the Moor of Venice, the mighty warrior, Othello. But Othello's old lieutenant, Iago, doesn't like Othello, and is determined to bring about the downfall of Othello's new favorite, Cassio, and d...
    United Kingdom  1965

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