Roman Polanski

Profession: Actor | Director | Producer | Screenwriter
Roman Polanski
  Real name: Roman Rajmund Thierry Polański
Birthdate: August 18, 1933
Age: 89 years
Country: France France
Horoscope: Leo


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  •  - Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film NOMINATED
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  •  - Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film NOMINATED

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Roman Rajmund Thierry Polański, better known as Roman Polanski, is an French Actor, Director, Producer and Screenwriter. He has won an Academy Awards, an Golden Globes Awards and two BAFTA Awards. He's known for To Each His Cinema (2007), The Pianist (2002) and Carnage (2011).

All Movies of Roman Polanski

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  • Polanski, Horowitz. The Wizards from the Ghetto
    Polanski, Horowitz. The Wizards from the Ghetto: Directed by Mateusz Kudla, Anna Kokoszka-Romer. With Roman Polanski, Ryszard Horowitz, Bronislawa Horowitz Karakulska, Stanislaw Buchala. Roman Polanski and Ryszard Horowitz came to...
    Character: Self
    Poland  2021
  • An Officer and a Spy
    In 1894, French Captain Alfred Dreyfus is wrongfully convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment at Devil's Island.
    Director of the film
    France  2019
  • Based on a True Story
    The story follows a writer (Emmanuelle Seigner) who struggles after the release of her latest book, which leads to a rough spot in their personal life after an obsessive admirer (Eva Green) shows up and imposes their influence on
    Director of the film
    France  2017
  • Venus in Fur
    Vanda is an unusually talented young actress determined to land the lead in Thomas' new play based on the classic erotic novel, Venus in Fur. Vanda's emotionally charged audition for the gifted but demanding playwright/director be...
    Director of the film
    France  2013
  • Seduced And Abandoned
    "Seduced and Abandoned" is a cinematic exploration guided by Alec Baldwin and James Toback of several interconnected subjects: The Cannes Film Festival and cinema art, money, glamour and death. Photographed in ravishing ...
    Character: Himself
    United States  2013
  • Carnage
    Based on french Yasmina Reza's play, it tells the story of two sets of parents from New York who decide to have a cordial meeting after their sons are involved in a schoolyard brawl.
    Director of the film
    France  2011
  • The Ghost Writer
    The film, based on Robert Harris' novel of the same name, centers on a ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) who is hired to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan).
    Director of the film
    France  2010
  • Quiet Chaos
    Time and again Pietro (Nanni Moretti) is gripped by a strange mixture of chaos and calm. Since the death of his wife he has found no peace. Lara died, quite unexpectedly, one summer’s day. Pietro was not at home at the time. He ...
    Italy  2008
  • Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
    The events of 1977 and 1978 permanently marred director Roman Polanski's life. Accused of unlawful sexual assault on minor Samantha Geimer during his stay at actor Jack Nicholson's house in March of 1977, Polanski wound up in the ...
    Character: Himself (archive footage)
    United States  2008
  • To Each His Cinema
    To Each His Cinema is a 2007 film, produced and conceived by Gilles Jacob, celebrating the Cannes Film Festival's 60th anniversary. The film is comprised of a collection of 35 three-minute short films by some of the world's leadin...
    Director of the film
    France  2007
  • Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story
    Chronicles the last great American showman, filmmaker William Castle, a master of ballyhoo who became a brand name in movie horror with his outrageous audience participation gimmicks.
    Character: Himself (archive footage)
    United States  2007
  • Rush Hour 3
    Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective Carter Carter (Chris Tucker) hop from Los Angeles to Paris in pursuit of a Chinese triad only to find a mixed reception, including a brutal warning from a French cop (Roman Polanski) and a...
    United States  2007
  • Oliver Twist
    Charles Dickens' classic story of a young orphan boy who gets involved with a gang of boy pickpockets in 19th-century London seems, on the surface, a long way from being children's entertainment. But this can be deceiving.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2005
  • The Pianist
    The film is adapted from the autobiography of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jew who detailed his survival during World War II. A composer and a pianist, he played the last live music heard over Polish radio airwaves before Nazi art...
    Director of the film
    France  2002
  • The Ninth Gate
    A rare book dealer, while seeking out the last two copies of a demon text, gets drawn into a conspiracy with supernatural overtones.
    Director of the film
    France  1999
  • Death and the Maiden
    Paulina Escobar is the housewife to a prominent lawyer in an unnamed third World country. One day a storm forces her husband to ride home with a neighbor. That chance encounter brings up demons from her past, as she is convinced t...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  1994
  • A Pure Formality
    Onoff is a famous writer who hasn't published any new books for quite some time and has become a recluse. When he is picked up by the police one stormy night, without any identification, out of breath and running madly, without cl...
    Character: Inspector
    Italy  1994
  • Dead Tired
    What is going on here?!? French director, Michel Blanc (as Himself), just doesn't understand why his life is suddenly falling apart. This nightmarish comedy-thriller is all about identity. What defines a famous person? Is it their...
    France  1994
  • Bitter Moon
    On a cruise to Istanbul in celebration of their seventh wedding anniversary, uptight British couple Nigel (Hugh Grant) and Fiona (Kristin Scott Thomas) encounter American expatriate Oscar (Peter Coyote), a wheelchair-bound unpubli...
    Director of the film
    France  1992
  • The King of Ads
    A collection of European T.V. commercials directed by a variety of well-known directors from across Europe and the U.S. Compiled and produced by Jean-Marie Boursicot.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  1991
  • Frantic
    Roman Polanski’s FRANTIC is an engaging thriller in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock. Harrison Ford plays Richard Walker, an American heart surgeon vacationing with his wife, Sondra (Betty Buckley), in Paris, where he is to att...
    Director of the film
    United States  1988
  • Pirates
    Captain Red runs a hardy pirate ship with the able assistance of Frog, a dashing young French sailor. One day Capt. Red is captured and taken aboard a Spanish galleon, but thanks to his inventiveness, he raises the crew to mutiny,...
    Director of the film
    France  1986
  • Tess
    A rural clergyman in 19th century England tells Durbeyfield, a simple farmer, that he is descended from the illustrious d'Urberville family -- now extinct. Or maybe not. Durbeyfield sends his daughter Tess to check on a family nam...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  1979
  • The Tenant
    Meek clerk Trelkovsky takes over a Parisian flat from a woman who has committed suicide. He meets Stella, one of the woman's friends, and begins a tentative relationship with her, but runs afoul of his imperious landlord Mr. Zy, t...
    Character: Trelkovsky | Movie director
    France  1976
  • Blood For Dracula
    Count Dracula (Udo Kier) knows that if he fails to drink a required amount of pure virgin's blood, it's time to move into a permanent coffin. His assistant suggests that the Count and he pick up his coffin and take a road trip to ...
    Character: Man in Tavern
    Italy  1974
  • Chinatown
    Director Roman Polanski’s neo-noir detective story is set during a heat wave in 1930s Los Angeles, whose residents are suffering from a water shortage as a result of an ongoing drought. Private investigator Jake Gittes (Jack Nic...
    Character: Man with Knife | Movie director
    United States  1974
  • Weekend of a Champion
    In 1971, Motor Racing fan Roman Polanski spent a weekend with world champion driver Jackie Stewart as he attempted to win the Monaco Grand Prix. Polanski was given intimate access to Stewart’s world for three days, both on the t...
    | Movie director
    United Kingdom  1972
  • Macbeth
    Roman Polanski's version of Shakespeare's tragedy about a Scottish lord who murders the king and ascends the throne. His wife then begins hallucinating as a result of her guilt complex and the dead king's son conspires to attack M...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  1971
  • Ciao, Federico!
    A behind-the-scenes documentary about the filming of the Federico Fellini film, "Satyricon."
    Italy  1970
  • The Magic Christian
    A series of strange sequences connected with a satire on greed.
    Character: Solitary Drinker
    United Kingdom  1969
  • Rosemary's Baby
    Actor Guy Woodhouse and his wife Rosemary move into a new apartment. In no time they befriend their neighbours, the aging Castevets. Rosemary soon becomes pregnant. But when her obstetrician prescribes herbal medicines, which the ...
    Director of the film
    United States  1968
  • The Fearless Vampire Killers
    The elderly bat researcher, professor Abronsius and his assistant, Alfred, go to a remote Transylvanian village looking for vampires. Alfred falls in love with the inn-keeper's young daughter Sarah. However, she has been spotted b...
    Character: Alfred | Movie director
    United Kingdom  1967
  • Cul-de-sac
    A wounded criminal and his dying partner take refuge at a beachfront castle. The owners of the castle, a meek Englishman and his willful French wife, are initially the unwilling hosts to the criminals. Quickly, however, the relati...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  1966
  • Repulsion
    A Belgian girl, Carol, works as a manicurist at a London beauty salon. While having lunch, a good looking young man, Colin, spots her and makes a date for another evening. She shares a flat with her sister Helen. Her sister's marr...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  1965
  • The Beautiful Swindlers
    Four swindle stories, taking place successively in Tokyo - Japan (Les cinq bienfaiteurs de Fumiko), Amsterdam - The Netherlands (La riviere de diamants), Italie (La feuille de route), and Paris - France (L'homme qui vendit la tour
    Director of the film
    France  1964
  • Knife in the Water
    An attractive young woman, Christine, takes the wheel of a car belonging to her partner Andrzej, a sports columnist. While he criticizes her driving skills, a reckless student leaps out in front of the car. Andrzej gives the stude...
    Director of the film
    Poland  1962