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Keeley Hawes Nominations & Awards


 - Best Leading Actress TV - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress in TV - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress TV - Drama NOMINATED
Keeley Hawes . He has nominated for three BAFTA Awards. He's known for Bodyguard (TV Miniseries) (2018), Wives and Daughters (TV Miniseries) (1999) and High-Rise (2015).

All Movies of Keeley Hawes

  • Rebecca
    After a whirlwind romance in Monte Carlo with handsome widower Maxim de Winter (Armie Hammer), a newly married young woman (Lily James) arrives at Manderley, her new husband's imposing family estate on a windswept English coast. N...
    Character: Beatrice
    United Kingdom  2020
  • Mrs. Wilson (TV Miniseries)
    TV Mini-Series. 3 Episodes. The drama follows Alison Wilson who thinks she is a normal, happily married woman. But when her husband Alec suddenly dies, a woman turns up on her doorstep, claiming that she is the real Mrs. Wilson. A...
    United Kingdom  2018
  • Bodyguard (TV Miniseries)
    Set in and around the corridors of power, "Bodyguard" tells the fictional story of David Budd, a heroic but volatile war veteran now working as a Specialist Protection Officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Br...
    United Kingdom  2018
  • The Hollow Crown: Henry VI, Part 2 (TV)
    The young King Henry returns from his victory in France with his new bride, the ambitious and domineering Margaret of Anjou. The gloating Earl of Suffolk believes that he will rule both of them giving power to the House of Lancast...
    Character: Queen Elizabeth
    United Kingdom  2016
  • The Hollow Crown: Richard III (TV)
    After a long civil war between the royal families of York and Lancaster, England enjoys a period of peace under King Edward IV. But Edward’s younger brother, Richard, resents the power and happiness around him. Malicious, power-...
    Character: Queen Elizabeth
    United Kingdom  2016
  • The Durrells (TV Series)
    Set in 1935 when the Englishwoman Louisa Durrell, whose life had fallen apart, decided to move from Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu. Her husband had died some years earlier and she has financial problems, when she suddenl...
    United Kingdom  2016
  • Fungus the Bogeyman
    Fungus is happy making a mess and scaring people until his teenage son runs away to the human world 'Up Top'.
    Character:  Wendy 3 episodes, 2015
    United Kingdom  2015
  • High-Rise
    Life style in the concrete jungle and inner suburban life, with underground fights, money, gangsters and girls revolves around four different characters and their stories of life, love and misery, crime and murder.
    Character: Ann
    United Kingdom  2015
  • The Missing (TV Series)
    17 Episodes. When Tony and Emily Hughes travel to France with their 5-year-old son Oliver, their family holiday turns into a nightmare when Oliver disappears into the crowd of a busy French street.
    United Kingdom  2014
  • The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box
    Mariah Mundi's world is torn apart when his brother Felix gets kidnapped from the streets of Victorian London. Mariah unites with the strange adventurer Captain Charity and takes off in pursuit. The trail leads to the Prince Regen...
    Character: Catherine Mundi
    United Kingdom  2013
  • Line of Duty (TV Series)
    Following one multi-stranded investigation over five hours, Line Of Duty sees Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) transferred to AC-12, a fictional anti-corruption unit, after a mistaken shooting during a counter-ter...
    United Kingdom  2012
  • Upstairs Downstairs (TV Series)
    TV Series (2010-2012). 2 Seasons. 9 Episodes. Revival of the iconic '70s series. Portrayal of life in a London townhouse in 1936, where the fates of the servants "downstairs" and their masters "upstairs" are in...
    United Kingdom  2010
  • Flashbacks of a Fool
    A fading Hollywood star looks back at the days of his youth as he returns home from his best friend's funeral.
    Character: Adult Jesse Scot
    United Kingdom  2008
  • Death at a Funeral
    On the morning of their father's funeral, the family and friends of the deceased each arrive with his or her own roiling anxieties. Son Daniel knows he will have to face his flirty, blow-hard, famous-novelist brother, Robert, who'...
    United Kingdom  2007
  • Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
    Laurence Sterne's unfilmable novel, "Tristram Shandy", a fictive autobiography wherein the narrator, interrupted constantly, takes the entire story to be born. Then into a group of actors and filmmakers set out to adapt ...
    Character: Elizabeth / Keeley Hawes
    United Kingdom  2005
  • Spooks (MI-5) (TV Series)
    TV Series (2002-Today). They don’t exist. You will never know their names, where they come from, who they are. They’re all that stands between you and those with terror on their minds. The MI5 are in the news everyday – they...
    Character:  Zoe Reynolds 22 episodes, 2002-2004
    United Kingdom  2002
  • Othello (TV)
    This modern crime drama uses the names of the homonymous Shakespeare play's main characters which inspired its plot. White London Metropolitan Police commissioner Sinclair Carver promises to maintain law and order and further raci...
    United Kingdom  2001
  • Wives and Daughters (TV Miniseries)
    Set in the early 1800s, the story takes place in a small, gossip-driven English town. Upon the remarriage of her father, heroine Molly Gibson (Justine Waddell) isn't quite sure how to "take" to her modish stepmother, Hya...
    United Kingdom  1999
  • Our Mutual Friend (TV Miniseries)
    The tongues of London high society gossips begin to wag when John Harmon --a young man whose inheritance depended on his marrying a woman he had never met-- is found dead in the River Thames.
    United Kingdom  1998
  • The Avengers
    John Steed (Fiennes) has been called by The Ministry (Britain's ultra-top-secret agency) to investigate some very strange goings-on in Her Majesty's kingdom. The weather seems out of control, foul, deadly - even for England. Freak...
    Character: Tamara
    United States  1998