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Rosa María Sardà Nominations & Awards


 - Best Supporting Actress WINNER
   (No Shame)
 - Best Supporting Actress WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
Rosa María Sardà . He has won two Goya Awards. He's known for All About My Mother (1999), The Queen of Spain (2016) and The Girl of Your Dreams (1998).

All Movies of Rosa María Sardà

  • The Queen of Spain
    Actress Macarena Granada (Cruz) after her experiences in Berlin, travelled to Hollywood, where she became a star. We are immersed in the 1950s, as the diva returns to Spain to shoot a US blockbuster entitled "The Queen of Spa...
    Spain  2016
  • Spanish Affair 2
    Amaia after breaking up with Rafa, fells in love with a Catalonian. Koldo her father goes to Sevilla to persuade Rafa to go to Catalonia and take Amaia's heart back.
    Spain  2015
  • La vida empieza hoy
    A group of elderly people attend sex classes where they are reminded that their bodies are still alive. They learn from each other there, they talk about their lives... Olga, the teacher, helps them to face the problems generated ...
    Spain  2010
  • Boystown
    Victor works in a real estate agency in the well-known Chueca neighborhood of Madrid. He hides a terrible secret: he makes apartments available for sale by murdering the old ladies owners that live in them. Then, refurbishes and d...
    Spain  2007
  • Go Away from Me
    Vete de mí is the tale of Edipo's father. A normal guy, supporting actor in the La Latina theatre, 55 years old with a 38-year-old girlfriend, a small flat in Madrid and reasonably happy.... until the arrival of his 30-year-old s...
    Spain  2006
  • Take My Eyes
    Winner of Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the 2003 San Sebastian Film Festival, Iciar Bollain's stirring drama takes an intimate and clear-eyed look at a relationship ripped apart by domestic abuse. Pilar (Laia Marull, Fugit...
    Spain  2003
  • The Shanghai Spell
    A fourteen year old lad discovers his first love at the point of his pencil whilst drawing the portrait of a sickly but coquettish fifteen year old girl. In the neighbourhood an old freedom-fighter pits himself against bad types, ...
    Spain  2002
  • Carol's Journey,
    Carol, a twelve-year-old Spanish-American girl from New York, travels with her mother to Spain in the spring of 1938, at the height of the Civil War. Separated from her beloved father, Carol arrives in her mother's home village an...
    Spain  2002
  • All About My Mother
    A Greek saying states that only women who have washed their eyes with tears can see clearly. This saying does not hold true for Manuela. The night a car ran over her son Esteban, Manuela cried until her eyes ran completely dry. Fa...
    Character: madre de la Hermana Rosa
    Spain  1999
  • The Girl of Your Dreams
    A company of Spanish movie makers leaves Franco's Spain and moves to Hitler's Germany to make a film in co-production. Soon some problems start to arise...
    Character: Rosa Rosales
    Spain  1998
  • Airbag
    Character: Aurora
    Spain  1997
  • The Butterfly Effect
    This Spanish-French comedy set in South London seeks to demonstrate that human relationships provide an excellent example of chaos theory. Featuring a bilingual cast, the story centers on Luis, an introverted bookworm who travels ...
    Spain  1995
  • Alegre ma non troppo
    Pablo knows already, in his twenties, what he wants from life: to become a musician, be likeable to his mother, and find a lovely, faithful and nice boy to share the rest of his life with. Pablo suffers a difficult emotional crisi...
    Character: Asun
    Spain  1994
  • Why Do They Call It Love When They Mean Sex?
    After her on-stage partner takes ill, live sex-show performer Gloria finds a young, inexperienced man named Manu to serve as his substitute. The two have surprising chemistry together, but their relationship gets wackier when Glor...
    Spain  1993