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Brian Grant . He's known for Gabriel's Fire (TV Series) (1990), Sensation (1994) and Clocking Off (TV Series) (2000).

All Movies of Brian Grant

  • The Worst Witch (TV Series)
    Mildred Hubbble lives an ordinary life with her mum Julie, until the day that Maud Spellbody crashes her broomstick into their balcony and nothing is ever the same again. Maud introduces Mildred to Cackle's Academy - a school for ...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Party Animals (TV Series)
    Follows the lives of several young adults whose lives intertwine with their jobs in the Parliment of the United Kingdom.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2007
  • Gladiatress
    This sword and sandals movie is an off-the-wall comedy adventure about three unlikely heroines, who set out to save Celtic Britain, by thwarting the Roman invasion in their own unique and outrageous style.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2004
  • Clocking Off (TV Series)
    4 Seasons. (2000-2003). Interconnected dramas about the lives of a group of workers at a Manchester textile factory, with each episode focusing on the home life of a different character.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2000
  • Sensation
    Lila a college student discovers a latent ability to see into the past. When a professor hires her for some psychological tests she becomes the target of the killer of the woman she sees in her dreams.
    Director of the film
    United States  1994