Kevin Macdonald

Kevin Macdonald
Birthdate: October 28, 1967
Age: 53 years
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Horoscope: Scorpio


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Kevin Macdonald Nominations & Awards

European Film Awards

 - Best European Director NOMINATED
Kevin Macdonald is an British. He has nominated for an European Film Awards. He's known for The Last King of Scotland (2006), One Day in September (1999) and State of Play (2009).

All Movies of Kevin Macdonald

  • The Mauritanian
    A detainee at the U.S military's Guantanamo Bay detention center is held without charges for over a decade and seeks help from a defense attorney for his release.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2021
  • Whitney
    An in-depth look at the life and music of pop star Whitney Houston (1963-2012).
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2018
  • Oasis
    A scottish chaplain is sent into space to colonize on another planet, only to find his faith and life put to the test.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2017
  • Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang
    Trace the rise of contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang from childhood in Mao's China to global art world superstar, and join his quest to realize his lifelong obsession: Sky Ladder.
    Director of the film
    United States  2016
  • 11.22.63 (TV Miniseries)
    High school teacher Jake Epping travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - but his mission is threatened by Lee Harvey Oswald, falling in love, and the past itself, which doesn't want to be ch...
    Director of the film
    United States  2016
  • Black Sea
    In order to make good with his former employers, a submarine captain takes a job with a shadowy backer to search the depths of the Black Sea for a sub that's rumored to be loaded with gold.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2014
  • How I Live Now
    Fifteen year old Elizabeth is an American girl from NYC on holiday in the English countryside with her family who suddenly finds herself in hiding and fighting for her survival as the Third World War breaks out.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2013
  • Marley
    Bob Marley's universal appeal, impact on music history and role as a social and political prophet is both unique and unparalleled. The definitive life story of the musician, revolutionary, and legend, from his early days to his ri...
    Director of the film
    United States  2012
  • The Eagle
    Set in the dangerous world of second-century Britain. In 140 AD, twenty years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) arrives from...
    Director of the film
    United States  2011
  • State of Play
    Based on the BBC mini-series of the same title, a team of investigative reporters work alongside a police detective to try and solve the murder of a congressman's mistress. D.C. investigative journalist Cal McCaffrey's (Russell Cr...
    Director of the film
    United States  2009
  • My Enemy’s Enemy
    A look at the history of one-time Gestapo commander Klaus Barbie, infamously known as "The Butcher of Lyon."
    Director of the film
    United States  2007
  • The Last King of Scotland
    In an incredible twist of fate, Scottish doctor Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) on a Ugandan medical mission becomes irreversibly entangled with one of the world's most barbaric figures: Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker). Impressed by D...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2006
  • Touching The Void
    In 1985, two adventurous young mountaineers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, set off to climb the treacherous west face of the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. They were experienced climbers, and climbed "Alpine-style," ...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2003
  • Being Mick (TV)
    Fly-on-the-wall documentary about rockstar Mick Jagger, and his friends and family, during the recording of his 2001 album 'Goddess in the Doorway'.
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2001
  • One Day in September
    The 1972 Munich Olympics were interrupted by Palestinian terrorists taking Israeli athletes hostage. Besides footage taken at the time, we see interviews with the surviving terrorist, Jamal Al Gashey, and various officials detaili...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  1999