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Pascale Arbillot . He's known for Little White Lies (2010), Little White Lies 2 (2019) and The Best Is Yet to Come (2019).

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  • Irréductible
    Vincent has always enjoyed the benefits of his family's status. When the government votes on a massive savings plan, Vincent is pushed out. When he is transferred to the North Pole, he meets Eva and finds love. It's time for him t
    Character: Isabelle Bailliencourt
    France  2022
  • Haute couture
    Esther is at the end of her career as Head Seamstress at Dior Avenue Montaigne workshop. One day, she gets her handbag stolen in the metro by a 20 year old woman, Jade. Instead of calling the police she decides to take care of Jad
    Character: Catherine
    France  2021
  • Miss
    A young man seeking his sexual identity decides to take part in the Miss France beauty pageant.
    Character: Amanda
    France  2020
  • My Cousin
    The CEO of a big international wine company must meet again with his clumsy cousin to renew the contract allowing him to manage the brand, going down a rabbit hole of adventures and catastrophes in the process.
    Character: Olivia Pastié
    France  2020
  • Lost Bullet
    A small time delinquent, turned police mechanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his mentor is killed by dirty cops.
    Character: Moss
    France  2020
  • The Best Is Yet to Come
    Following a huge misunderstanding, two friends always decide to tackle everything to make up for lost time.
    Character: Virginie
    France  2019
  • Little White Lies 2
    The story kicks off seven years after the events of "Little White Lies". After parting ways, the group of friends reunites for a surprise birthday party organised for Max.
    Character: Isabelle
    France  2019
  • Guy
    Gauthier, a young journalist, learns from his mother that he is the illegitimate son of Guy Jamet, a popular French singer whose heyday stretched unevenly from the 1960’s to the nineties. Armed with a camera, Gauthier decides to...
    France  2018
  • Silence of Death (TV)
    Ten-year-old Julie lives with her mother, Marie, in an isolated house. Julie invents imaginary friends to fill her lonely existence, making up adventures for them in the scary manga comics she draws. But when a real murder is comm...
    France  2010
  • Little White Lies
    Every year, Max, a successful restaurant owner, and Véro, his eco-friendly wife invite a merry group of friends to their beautiful beach house to celebrate Antoine's birthday and kick-start the vacation. But, this year, before th...
    Character: Isabelle Ribaud
    France  2010
  • Edy
    A man looking for a reason to live gets more than he bargained for in this black comedy from France. Edy (François Berléand) is an insurance salesman who has fallen into a deep depression. Edy can scarcely work up the energy to ...
    Character: Catherine
    France  2005
  • Bed Scenes (S)
    Seven brief scenes, each with a couple, explore the surprises and the changes of heart that can occur during sexual encounters. Only one of the seven couples has been in bed together before; several are strangers or new acquaintan...
    France  1998