Park Chan-wook

Profession: Director | Producer | Screenwriter
Park Chan-wook
Real name: Pak Chan-uk (박찬욱)
Birthdate: August 23, 1963
Age: 58 years
Horoscope: Virgo


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Park Chan-wook Nominations & Awards

Chicago Film Critics Association

 - Best Director NOMINATED

Cannes Film Festival

 - Best Director WINNER
Pak Chan-uk (박찬욱), better known as Park Chan-wook, Director, Producer and Screenwriter. He has won an Cannes Film Festival. He's known for The Handmaiden (2016), The Little Drummer Girl (TV Miniseries) (2018) and Stoker (2013).

All Movies of Park Chan-wook

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  • Decision to Leave
    A detective investigating a man's death in the mountains meets the dead man's mysterious wife in the course of his dogged sleuthing.
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2022
  • The Little Drummer Girl (TV Miniseries)
    This miniseries adaptation of John Le Carré novel centers on an actress (Florence Pugh) in the late ’70s who becomes embroiled in a plot involving a mysterious stranger Khalil (Alexander Skarsgård) and a controlling spy (Micha...
    Director of the film
    United Kingdom  2018
  • The Handmaiden
    1930s Korea, in the period of Japanese occupation, a new girl is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress who lives a secluded life on a large countryside estate with her domineering Uncle. But the maid has a secret. She is a p...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2016
  • Bitter Sweet Seoul
    This documentary is a crowdsourced film about life in the Korean megalopolis.
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2014
  • A Rose Reborn (S)
    A Rose Reborn was directed by acclaimed director Park Chan-wook exclusively for Ermenegildo Zegna. Discover the quintessence of sharp style, elegance and sophistication.
    Director of the film
    Italy  2014
  • Day Trip (S)
    Day Trip stars a bewigged Song Kang-ho and Jeon Hyo-jeong as a vocal teacher and his student who head into the mountains to train.
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2013
  • Stoker
    India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska) is a teenage girl mourning the death of her father (Dermot Mulroney) who deals with her uncle Charles (Matthew Goode) who mysteriously shows up to meet the family and decides to stay with India and he...
    Director of the film
    United States  2013
  • Night Fishing
    A fantastical tale that begins with a middle-aged man fishing one afternoon and then, hours later at night, catches the body of a woman. The panicked man tries to undo the intertwined fishing line, but he gets more and more entang...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2011
  • Thirst
    Beloved and devoted priest from a small town volunteers for a medical experiment which fails and turns him into a vampire. Physical and psychological changes lead to his affair with a wife of his childhood friend who is repressed ...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2009
  • I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
    Young-goon is a patient at a psychiatric clinic because she is convinced she is a cyborg. She refuses food, charging her batteries instead with electric shocks from a transistor radio. Naturally, this does nothing to improve her h...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2006
  • Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
    Lady Vengeance tells the story of Kum-ja, a woman who takes revenge after serving 13 years in jail in place of an evil man who abducts and kills a 6-year-old boy. Two thirds of the story shows how Kum-ja gets involved in the murde...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2005
  • Three... Extremes
    A beautiful female novelist, still guilt-ridden over the childhood death of her twin sister, receives a mysterious invitation to meet at the site of her sister’s demise… more… A retired actress longing to retain her beauty...
    Director of the film
    Hong Kong  2004
  • Oldboy
    'Oldboy' features Choi Min-sik as a Korean businessman who is suddenly kidnapped and confined in a cell with only a television set. He makes various efforts to escape and even attempts to commit suicide, but all end up in failure....
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2003
  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
    Mr. Vengeance tells the story of Ryu a deaf-mute, has a sister that needs a kidney transplant. Recently laid off at his factory, he has to find other ways to obtain 10 million won to purchase a kidney from the black market. Thi...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2002
  • Joint Security Area (JSA)
    In the DMZ separating North and South Korea, two North Korean soldiers have been killed, supposedly by one South Korean soldier. But the 11 bullets found in the bodies, together with the 5 remaining bullets in the assassin's magaz...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  2000
  • Judgment (S)
    Park Chan-wook draws on a tragic event who took place in South Korea to ironically criticize the greed of rampant capitalism. In 1995, in Seoul, a huge shopping centre, the Sampung department stores collapsed, killing 500 people a...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  1999
  • Threesome
    Han is a suicidal saxophonist, Mun is violent simpleton with an I.Q. of 80 and Maria is single mother with dreams of becoming a nun. Han has tried numerous times to kill himself but nothing ever works. When he witnesses his wifes ...
    Director of the film
    South Korea  1997