Denholm Elliott

Profession: Actor
Denholm Elliott
  Real name: Denholm Mitchell Elliott
Birthdate: May 31, 1922
Date of death: October 06, 1992
Age: 69 years
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Horoscope: Gemini
Stature: 1,82 m (6 ft 0 in)


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Denholm Elliott Nominations & Awards

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Denholm Mitchell Elliott, better known as Denholm Elliott, was an British Actor. He has won four BAFTA Awards. He's known for Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and A Room With a View (1985).

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  • Noises Off!
    Lloyd Fellowes is the director of a theatre company. He's desperately trying to get his production together, despite the best efforts of the cast, the crew, and Lady Luck. We follow the production from final rehersals, through ope...
    Character: Selsdon Mowbray / The Burglar
    United States  1992
  • Toy Soldiers
    Billy Tepper is the leader of a group of rebellious boys at The Regis School. He has already been expelled from three prominent private schools. His best friend, Joey Trotta, is the son of the Head of the New York Mafia; Billy, al...
    United States  1991
  • A Murder of Quality (TV)
    At the request of an old war time colleague, George Smiley agrees to investigate the murder Stella Rode, a junion master's wife at Carne School - a boy's school. As Smiley investigates, he learns that Stella was a nosy busybody wh...
    United Kingdom  1991
  • Scorchers
    Bayou La Teche, Louisiana sizzles as the Cajun town celebrates the wedding of Splendid and Dolan. The trouble comes off the yun the wedding night when Splendid is determined to maintain her innocence. On the other side of town Spl...
    United States  1991
  • One Against the Wind (TV)
    Mary Linden works for the French Red Cross in Occupied France during World War II and helps allied soldiers who have been shot down to escape to the unoccupied side. Her activities are complicated by her high profile and her daugh...
    Character: Father LeBlanc
    United States  1991
  • Killing Dad or How to Love Your Mother
    A man, always very devoted to his mother, decides to look for his father whom he never met. He meets a seductive older woman prone to drinking and her aged boyfriend with whom she has grown tired.
    United Kingdom  1989
  • Bangkok Hilton (TV Miniseries)
    The story of Kat Stanton (Kidman), an Australian woman searching for her father who, whilst travelling back from London to Australia via Thailand, makes friends with Arkie Ragan (Ehlers), a photographer. Kat is tricked into carryi...
    Australia  1989
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Steven Spielberg's third action-packed entry in the Indiana Jones trilogy evokes the cliffhanger Saturday matinee serials of yesteryear. It’s 1938 and Indy (Harrison Ford) receives word that his archaeologist dad, Professor Henr...
    Character: Marcus Brody
    United States  1989
  • Hanna's War
    At the beginning of WWI a Hungarian Jew living in British Palestine volunteers to parachute behind enemy lines in German-occupied Yugoslavia to save fellow Jews from deportation to Nazi Death Camps. After she enlisted in the Briti...
    United States  1988
  • Return From the River Kwai
    True story of British and Australian POW's held by the Japanese in Thailand. Near the end of the war the fittest of the POW's were moved by rail and ship to Japan, and during the sea journey the convoy comes under attack from an A...
    United Kingdom  1988
  • The Bourne Identity (TV)
    TV miniseries. A man is washed ashore the beach of a small French village during a heavy storm. A retired doctor takes care of the unconscious stranger. When the mysterious man recovers, he cannot remember anything - He does not k...
    Character:  Dr. Geoffrey Washburn 2 episodes, 1988
    United States  1988
  • Stealing Heaven
    Pierre Abelard (1079-1142), a respected philosopher and teacher in 12th-century Paris, is hired to tutor the intelligent and beautiful Heloise (1101-1162). They soon fall in love, but must hide their affection because Abelard is s
    United States  1988
  • September
    In the last days of August, Diane, a former filmstar full of life, and her companion visit her daughter Lane at her country house. Lane is a depressive woman, marked by the murder, when she was a child, of the lover of the mother ...
    Character: Howard
    United States  1987
  • Maurice
    Two male English school chums find themselves falling in love at Cambridge. To regain his place in society, Clive gives up his forbidden love, Maurice (pronounced "Morris") and marries. While staying with Clive and his s...
    Character: Doctor Barry
    United Kingdom  1987
  • Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry (TV)
    A well-to-do widow (Katherine Hepburn) shocks her snobbish WASP family when she announces that she has fallen in love with her Jewish doctor (Harold Gould). His family is equally devastated by the news leading both individuals to ...
    Character: George Parker
    United States  1986
  • Defence of the Realm
    After a newspaper reporter helps expose a Member of Parliament as a possible spy, he finds that there's much more to the story than that.
    United Kingdom  1986
  • The Whoopee Boys
    Two obnoxious and dim-witted misfits attempt to save a school for needy children by attempting to sneak into the wealthy high society of Palm Beach to get the money needed for their cause.
    Character: Col. Phelps
    United States  1986
  • Underworld
    When high class hooker Nicole is kidnapped from her brothel, Rich businessman Hugo Motherskille hires her ex love Roy Bain to find her. Investigating the disappearance, he eventually finds traces that lead to Dr. Savary, who has p...
    United Kingdom  1985
  • The Ray Bradbury Theater (TV Series)
    TV series (1985-1992). 6 seasons. 65 episodes. A Canadian-produced fantastic anthology series scripted by famed science-fiction author Ray Bradbury. Many of the teleplays were based upon Bradbury's novels and short stories.
    Character:  Richard Braling 1 episode, 1988
    United States  1985
  • Bleak House (TV Miniseries)
    At the court of Chancery, the Jarndyce and Jarndyce case grinds on for years with no end in sight. Entangled in the lawsuit are a growing number of innocent victims: Ada Clare and Richard Carstone, whose inheritance is gradually b...
    United Kingdom  1985
  • Past Caring (TV)
    67 year-old Victor is forced to move into an old people's home but he prefers to grow old disgracefully.
    United Kingdom  1985
  • A Room With a View
    Helena Bonham Carter stars as a young Englishwoman, Lucy Honeychurch. When Lucy and her spinster chaperone, Charlotte Bartlett (Maggie Smith), travel to Florence, they meet an unconventional Englishman, Mr. Emerson (Denholm Elliot...
    Character: Mr Emerson, an English tourist
    United Kingdom  1985
  • The Razor’s Edge
    Based on William Somerset Maugham's novel, THE RAZOR'S EDGE follows a young man's search for identity. After experiencing WWI, veteran Larry Darrell (Bill Murray) seeks spiritual peace and recovery. After leaving his fiancee (Cath...
    United States  1984
  • Camille (TV)
    Camille is a courtesan in Paris. She falls deeply in love with a young man of promise, Armand Duval. When Armand's father begs her not to ruin his hope of a career and position by marrying Armand, she acquiesces and leaves her lov...
    United Kingdom  1984
  • A Private Function
    Life isn't easy in 1947 Yorkshire where strict post-war rationing is putting the squeeze on the townspeople. But when a married working-class couple (Palin and Smith) discovers that the town s wealthy elite has been secretly fatte...
    Character: Dr. Swaby
    United Kingdom  1984
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles (TV)
    Sherlock Holmes comes to the aid of his friend Henry Baskerville, who is under a family curse and menaced by a demonic dog that prowls the bogs near his estate and murders people.
    United Kingdom  1983
  • The Wicked Lady
    Caroline is to be wed to Sir Ralph and invites her sister Barbara to be her bridesmaid. Barbara seduces Ralph, however, and she becomes the new Lady, but despite her new wealthy situation, she gets bored and turns to highway robbe...
    United Kingdom  1983
  • Trading Places
    As the result of a bet between two wealthy commodities traders, the lifestyles of a street hustler (Eddie Murphy) and a blue-nosed employee (Dan Akroyd) of the brokerage are reversed. The innocent victims of the bet scramble to ma...
    Character: Coleman
    United States  1983
  • The Missionary
    In 1905, after 10 years of missionary work in Africa, the Rev. Charles Fortesque is recalled to England, where his bishop gives him his new assignment - to minister to London's prostitutes. Charles hopes Deborah, his fiancee, will...
    United Kingdom  1982
  • Marco Polo (TV Miniseries)
    The life and experiences of the 13th-century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade.
    Character:  Niccolò Polo 8 episodes, 1982-1983
    Italy  1982
  • Brimstone & Treacle
    Brimstone and Treacle is a modern gothic tale about the evil that men do and the price that must be paid to make things right. The film, a remake of a 1976 teleplay that included Denholm Elliot in its original cast as Mr. Bates, t...
    United Kingdom  1982
  • Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    It is 1936. Archaeology professor Indiana Jones is recruited by the US government to find the Lost Ark of the Covenant, which once contained the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written. The Ark, according to legend, h...
    Character: Dr. Marcus Brody
    United States  1981
  • Hammer House of Horror: Rude Awakening (TV)
    A real estate broker finds himself having dreams that seem to be incredibly real. They are so real, in fact, that he begins to wonder which is the dream and which is reality.
    United Kingdom  1980
  • Hammer House of Horror (TV Series)
    This British anthology series, which was produced by England's leading exporters of horror films, told tales of haunted houses, demons, ghosts and other supernatural wonders. Episodes: - Witching Time - The Thirteenth Reunion - ...
    United Kingdom  1980
  • Blade on the Feather (TV)
    Professor Cavendish is the septuagenarian author of a children's fantasy novel. He lives in a secluded cliff-top mansion with his second wife, his 18 year old daughter and his butler. They are visited one day by Daniel Young, who ...
    United Kingdom  1980
  • Rising Damp
    Stingy English landlord Rigsby manages to scam his lodgers Cooper, an arts student, and Philip, an African jock, making both pay for a room they must share. However Rigsby's favorite lodger, miss Jones, now flirts with both boys r...
    United Kingdom  1980
  • Sunday Lovers
    A sex comedy anthology containing four stories, each from a different country (England, France, USA and Italy).
    Character: Parker (segment "An Englishman's Home")
    France  1980
  • Zulu Dawn
    In 1879 South Africa, the administrators of the British Cape Colony have designs to eliminate the Zulus as a hindrance to their colonial economy. To that end, the British present King Cetshwayo with an impossible ultimatum to prov...
    Character: Col. Pulleine
    United States  1979
  • Saint Jack
    An ordinary businessman is driven into the mainstream of Singapore's political corruption when he becomes the operator of the classiest whorehouse in the world. However, the Chinese competition soon decide that the last thing it n...
    Character: William Leigh
    United States  1979
  • Tales of the Unexpected (TV Series)
    TV Series (1979-1988). 9 seasons. 112 episodes. A British anthology of mystery, suspense, horror and black comedy, highlighted by plot twists and surprise endings (in the early seasons, all by Roald Dahl), with lots of prestigious...
    Character:  Colonel Tinker / ... 1 episode, 1980
    United Kingdom  1979
  • Cuba
    A British mercenary arrives in pre-Revolution Cuba to help train the corrupt General Batista's army against Castro's guerrillas while he also romances a former lover now married to an unscrupulous plantation owner.
    Character: Donald Skinner
    United States  1979
  • Bad Timing
    The setting is Vienna. A young American woman is brought to a hospital after overdosing on pills, apparently in a suicide attempt. A police detective suspects foul play on the part of her lover, an American psychology professor. A...
    Character: Stefan Vognic
    United Kingdom  1979
  • Sweeney 2
    Second cinematic spin-off from the popular 70's police series. Regan & Carter head a Flying Squad investigation into a series of bank raids by a team of well-armed villains who are flying in from the continent.
    United Kingdom  1978
  • The Boys From Brazil
    Olivier stars in this high-tension political thriller as a Nazi-hunter who uncovers the existence of a war criminal (Peck) and his plans to resurrect the Third Reich by cloning Adolph Hitler. Based on the novel by Ira Levin.
    United States  1978
  • The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It
    The grandchild of Professor James Moriarty had promised the world that it has only five days left to live. Moriarty is a master of disguise, a crack shot, and is very patient. Several government figures are shot to death, and it s...
    United Kingdom  1977
  • Robin and Marian
    Robin Hood is an old man when he returns with his best friend Little John to England after the Crusades. Maid Marian has entered a nunnery, King Richard is a raving lunatic, his Brother John a moron, and the age of great adventure...
    Character: Will Scarlett
    United Kingdom  1976
  • Voyage of the Damned
    A boatload of Jewish refugees embark on a freedom journey from Nazi oppression. They are forced to return when they can't get permission to land anywhere.
    Character: Admiral Canaris
    United Kingdom  1976
  • Partners
    When a business competitor assassinates her father when the father refuses to sell his firm, young woman takes over her father's paper company and with the help of her gangster boyfriend learns how to fight back against competitor
    Canada  1976
  • Russian Roulette
    An RCMP officer is ordered to discreetly take a Russian immigrant into custody in advance of a state visit by the Soviet premier. When his prisoner is kidnapped, the officer is drawn into a complicated assasination scheme.
    Character: John Petapiece
    Canada  1975
  • The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
    It took a pair of Canadian ex-pats to beat Hollywood at its own game. The nascent Canadian film industry of the seventies suffered from two shortcomings when it came to making commercial films that could compete in the marketplace...
    Character: Friar
    Canada  1974
  • The Vault Of Horror
    Five men trapped in the basement vault of an office building share visions with each other of their demise. Stories revolve around vampires, bodily dismemberment, east Indian mysticism, an insurance scam, and an artist who kills b...
    Character: Diltant (segment "Drawn and Quartered")
    United Kingdom  1973
  • A Doll's House
    Nora Helmer has years earlier committed a forgery in order to save the life of her authoritarian husband Torvald. Now she is being blackmailed lives in fear of her husband's finding out and of the shame such a revelation would bri...
    United Kingdom  1973
  • The Sextet (TV Series)
    TV Series (1972). 8 episodes. An anthology series of BBC television dramas on sexual themes. The same cast was featured in each production.
    United Kingdom  1972
  • The House That Dripped Blood
    A Scotland Yard investigator looks into four mysterious cases involving an unoccupied house: 1) A writer encounters a strangler of his own creation, 2) Two men are obsessed with a wax figure of a woman from their past, 3) A little...
    Character: Charles (segment "Method for Murder")
    United Kingdom  1971
  • Quest for Love
    After a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong during a demonstration, a scientist finds himself trapped in an alternate reality that bears some similarities to our own, but also has some striking differences. In this other rea...
    Character: Tom Lewis
    United Kingdom  1971
  • Robert Aldrichs's Too Late the Hero
    A reluctant hero, American Lt. Sam Lawson, is secunded to a motley British unit tasked with destroying a Japanese radio on a Philippine island.
    United States  1970
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (TV)
    This made-for-television adaptation doesn't waste time with preliminaries. Within 15 minutes of its opening, Dr. Henry Jekyll has already experimented on himself with a concoction that he'd hoped would neutralize his baser instinc...
    Canada  1968
  • The Night They Raided Minsky's
    Rachel arrives in New York from her Amish community intent on becoming a dancer. Unfortunately Billy Minsky's Burlesque is hardly the place for her Dances From The Bible. But the show's comedian Raymond sees a way of wrong-footing...
    Character: Vance Fowler
    United States  1968
  • Maroc 7
    The lady of a top fashion magazine doubles as a jewel thief and becomes involved in Moroccan intrigue.
    Character: Inspector Barrada
    United Kingdom  1967
  • Mystery and Imagination (TV Series)
    TV Series (1966-1970). 5 seasons. 24 episodes. A British anthology series based on classic ghost stories and chillers from M. R. James, Poe, Algernon Blackwood, Sheridan Le Fanu and others; later branching into feature-length tele...
    United Kingdom  1966
  • Alfie
    For Alfie, the only real life is sex life; only then can he kid himself he is living. Sex is not used as the working-class boy's way to 'the top'. Executive status has no appeal for Alfie. Nor has class mobility. He is quite conte...
    Character: The Abortionist
    United Kingdom  1966
  • King Rat
    George Segal is the mastermind of all black market operations in a Japanese prison camp. He is called "King Rat" because of his breeding of rodents to serve as food for his emaciated fellow prisoners. British officer Jam...
    Character: Larkin
    United States  1965
  • Nothing But the Best
    Success has James Brewster's name written all over it, and he also has his heart set on his boss's daughter. A con artist hires him to help out on a bank scheme, but then again, James will do anything to get rich and be the most s...
    United Kingdom  1964
  • Station Six-Sahara
    A beautiful blonde (Baker) joins a small group of men running an oil station in the Sahara Desert and starts the emotions soaring.
    United Kingdom  1962
  • Scent of Mystery
    A vacationing Englishman (Denholm Elliott) stumbles upon a plot to kill a young American tourist (Beverly Bentley) in Spain.
    Character: Oliver Larker
    United States  1960
  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Relative Value (TV)
    John Manbridge likes the good things in life, including betting on the horses. With no real means of support, he's taken to forging cheques from his cousin Felix Manbridge's account. Aware of this, Felix warns his cousin that shou...
    United States  1959
  • Suspicion (TV Series)
    TV Series (1957-1958). 1 season. 41 episodes. An anthology television mystery drama series. The executive producer was film director Alfred Hitchcock.
    Character: 1 episode, 1958
    United States  1957
  • The Night My Number Came Up
    A group of people indulge in an after-dinner conversation in which the question of fate and preordained life arises. One of the party, played by Michael Hordern, relates a dream in which another of those present, a senior Royal Ai...
    United Kingdom  1955
  • Lease of Life
    The parson of a small rural community knows he is dying and this makes him reconsider his life so far and what he can still do to help the community.
    United Kingdom  1954
  • The Heart of the Matter
    Details a life-changing moral crisis for Major Henry Scobie, a Catholic police officer in a British West African Colony.
    United Kingdom  1953
  • The Cruel Sea
    At the start of World War II, Cmdr. Ericson is assigned to convoy escort HMS Compass Rose with inexperienced officers and men just out of training. The winter seas make life miserable enough, but the men must also harden themselve...
    Character: Morell
    United Kingdom  1953
  • The Ringer
    'The Ringer' is an elusive criminal, reported dead in Australia but now thought to be alive in London. Scotland Yard know the Ringer had left his sister in the care of unscrupulous lawyer Maurice Meister and that she was later fou...
    United Kingdom  1952
  • The Sound Barrier
    Fictionalized story of British aerospace engineers solving the problem of supersonic flight. Tony successful fighter pilot during World War II marries into the family of a wealthy oil magnate who also designs airplanes. The movie ...
    Character: Christopher Ridgefield
    United Kingdom  1952