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Bernard Farcy . He's known for Taxi 5 (2018), Les colonnes du ciel (TV Miniseries) (1985) and Les soeurs Soleil (1997).

All Movies of Bernard Farcy

  • Taxi 5
    A police officer who's transfered in the police of Marseille gets assigned to take down a group of Italian robbers who drive the powerfull Ferrari's with the older niece of Daniel, a terrible driver who gets the legendary white ta
    Character: Gibert
    France  2018
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Set in 1776 France, a beast begins terrorizing the Gévaudan region, attacking mostly women and children. Some believe it's a huge wolf, or a dragon. Some say it's the devil. All of France, even the court of Louis XV, is affected ...
    France  2001
  • Taxi
    In this action comedy, Taxi driver Daniel gets out of traffic offenses by making a deal with arresting-officer Emilien. Daniel and Emilien soon develop a friendship, as he chauffeurs him about. It is not long before the two are af...
    France  1998
  • The Three Brothers
    Three brothers -Didier, Bernard and Pascal- meet each other for the first time after their mother's death. Believing that they will inherit her fortune, they quickly spend their money. However, when the inheritance does not transp...
    France  1995
  • Marche à l'ombre
    Two friends, one a musician the other constantly depressed wander around Greece and France till they get to Paris without a penny to their name. Here they spend nights in the underground, and squat in houses with the African immig...
    France  1984
  • Our Story
    Robert Avranche, a middle-aged, alcoholic garage owner, is sitting on a train, reflecting on the emptiness of his life. An attractive young woman, Donatienne, suddenly enters the compartment and offers to make love to him. Robert ...
    France  1984
  • The Moon in the Gutter
    In Marseilles, a woman commits suicide after she is raped in an alley. Nightly, her brother Gerard broods at the scene hoping to catch the rapist. He lives with his lover Bella whom he neglects, an alcoholic brother who lurks abou...
    France  1983