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Susanne Wuest Nominations & Awards

Stockholm Film Festival

 - Best Leading Actress WINNER
Susanne Wuest . He has won an Stockholm International Film Festival. He's known for The Edge (2010), A Cure for Wellness (2017) and Mademoiselle Paradis (2017).

All Movies of Susanne Wuest

  • Perfume (TV Miniseries)
    TV Miniseries (6 Episodes). Patrick Süskind’s best-selling novel about smell, passion and serial killing gets a shocking contemporary spin. While in boarding school, a group of six become friends through their intense passion f...
    Germany  2018
  • Sunset
    1913, Budapest, in the heart of Europe. The young Irisz Leiter arrives in the Hungarian capital with high hopes to work as a milliner at the legendary hat store that belonged to her late parents. She is nonetheless sent away by th...
    Hungary  2018
  • Mademoiselle Paradis
    A blind pianist living in 18th-century Vienna forms an extraordinary relationship with the physician who is trying to restore her sight.
    Character: Jungfer Ossine
    Austria  2017
  • Iceman
    The Ötztal Alps, more than 5,300 years ago. A Neolithic clan has settled near a creek where their leader, Kelab, is the keeper of the holy shrine, Tineka. One day, while Kelab has gone hunting, the settlement is attacked and the ...
    Germany  2017
  • A Cure for Wellness
    An ambitious young executive (Dane DeHaan) is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa's miraculous treatme...
    Character: Volmer Institute Staff
    United States  2017
  • Goodnight Mommy
    It’s mid-summer and two twin brothers are patiently waiting for their mother to come home following cosmetic surgery. She arrives with her face completely bandaged and is cold, distant and obsessive with them. Her personality ch...
    Character: Mutter
    Austria  2014
  • Carlos (TV)
    TV Miniseries (2010). 3 episodes. The story of Venezuelan revolutionary Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, who founded a worldwide terrorist organization and raided the 1975 OPEC meeting. The man who hijacked the world.
    Character:  Edith Heller 1 episode, 2010
    France  2010
  • The Edge
    The action takes place shortly after the end of the Second World War in the Siberian hinterland, among Russians and Germans with damaged personal stories and a strange transformation: the victors seem to be crawling into the skins...
    Character: Julie
    Russia  2010
  • Antares
    A devastating car accident forces a nurse, a supermarket checkout girl, and a high-strung real-estate agent to come to terms with their true longings and needs while searching for love and human contact in Austrian filmmaker Götz...
    Austria  2004