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Salvador García Ruiz Nominations & Awards


Salvador García Ruiz . He has nominated for an Goya Awards. He's known for Mensaka (1998), Voices in the Night (2003) and The Other Side (2000).

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  • Miguel Picazo, un cineasta extramuros
    Miguel Picazo started his film career in 1964: "La Tia Tula" turned him into one of the most distinguished directors in the New Spanish Cinema trend. This documentary approaches his work and personality through his own w...
    Spain  2016
  • Isabel (TV Series)
    This series is a biography about the Queen of Castile, Isabella the Catholic. The first season chronicles the period between 1461 and 1474: from the end of her childhood to her marriage with Ferdinand II of Aragon and her difficul...
    Director of the film
    Spain  2012
  • Paper Castles
    María José studies painting at the School of Fine Arts of a big city. One morning, as she is preparing a canvas for the lesson, his classmate Jaime draws her portrait without her noticing. By his side —admiring his drawing ski...
    Director of the film
    Spain  2009
  • The Other Side
    Una historia de dos vidas qie convergen: la del adolescente Ramón y la del abogado Marcelo. El chaval sufre las consecuencias de unas muertes fortuitas que lo obligan a ingresar en un centro de acogida. El letrado, amigo de la fa...
    Director of the film
    Spain  2000
  • Mensaka
    A young Madrid motorbike messenger and aspiring drummer clashes with the other members of his up-and-coming rock group when a shifty record exec offers them a contract. With fame, drugs and girls being dangled in front of them, th...
    Director of the film
    Spain  1998