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Leticia Brédice . He's known for Nine Queens (2000), Paradise Ashes (1997) and Tetro (2009).

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  • Museum
    In 1985, a group of criminals mock the security of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City to extract 140 pre-Hispanic pieces from their showcases.
    Mexico  2018
  • Un viaje a la Luna
    Tomas is an outcast young teenager trying to pass an exam. His family is constantly pressing him and her mother forces him to take antipsychotic drugs. In his need to escape, Tomas plans an intriguing trip to the moon. In this par...
    Character: Susi (as Leticia Bredice)
    Argentina  2017
  • Bergoglio, the Pope Francis
    A look at the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, form his early childhood days in Argentina to his becoming Pope Francis.
    Character: Cecilia (as Leticia Bredice)
    Argentina  2015
  • Tetro
    Fresh faced and naive, 17-year-old Bennie arrives in Buenos Aires to search for his older brother who has been missing for more than a decade. The family had emigrated from Italy to Argentina, but with the great musical success of...
    Character: Josefina
    United States  2009
  • The Bottle
    Juan, a long-distance bus driver, and Romina, a schoolmistress in one of the towns Juan stops on his daily route, feel attracted by each other. Neither of the two, however, dares to take the Urst step until one day Romina asks Jua...
    Argentina  2008
  • Ay Juancito
    Film about the life of Juan Duarte, Eva Perón's brother.
    Argentina  2004
  • Kamchatka
    Argentina, just after the 1976 revolution. A lawyer takes his wife and children to the country after the coup, and they adopt new identities. Their new life is difficult, but a visit with grandma and grandpa shows that these peopl...
    Argentina  2002
  • The City of No Limits
    Max (Fernando Fernán Gómez), the wealthy family patriarch and head of a pharmaceuticals business, is dying of cancer and has relocated from Madrid to a Paris hospital for treatment. The members of his family, including his wife,...
    Spain  2002
  • Nine Queens
    Set in a Buenos Aires that is on the verge of economic collapse, the film tells the story of Juan (Gastón Pauls), a con artist with a conscience. Trying to round up enough money to pay off his incarcerated father's debts, Juan st...
    Character: Valeria
    Argentina  2000
  • Paradise Ashes
    Judge Costa Makantasis dies when falling mysteriously from the terrace of the Court's House Buildings and Ana Muro, a 22 year-ld girl is found dead that same night with 15 stabs. The three sons of the Judge will plead guilty to th...
    Argentina  1997