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Abel Ayala . He's known for El maestro (TV Miniseries) (2017), The Dancer and the Thief (2009) and The Marginal (TV Series) (2016).

All Movies of Abel Ayala

  • Intuition
    Pipa begins her career as a police detective alongside her mentor, the controversial detective Francisco Juánez. Together they must solve the violent murder of a 19 year old girl
    Argentina  2020
  • The Dancer and the Thief
    The arrival of democracy to Chile brings a general amnesty for prisoners not jailed for blood crimes. Ángel Santiago, a youngster determined to get his revenge for the abuse he suffered in prison, sets out to find the famous bank...
    Character: Ángel Santiago
    Spain  2009
  • The Mud Boy
    Police try to hunt down a serial killer in 1912 Buenos Aires.
    Character: Cayetano
    Argentina  2007
  • El Polaquito
    Polaquito is a street kid who earns a living by singing tangos in the train carriages at the Estación Constitución train station in Buenos Aires. There, he meets and falls in love with Pelu, a girl who works as a prostitute at ...
    Argentina  2003