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José Manuel Martín . He's known for Leap to Fame (1959), Bewitched Love (1967) and Los Tarantos (1963).

All Movies of José Manuel Martín

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  • The Return of Walpurgis
    A man whose ancestors executed a witch is turned into a werewolf by modern-day descendants of the executed witch.
    Character: Bela (as Jose M. Martin; as Joe Martin in the Atlas Inernational version)
    Spain  1973
  • The Castle of Fu Manchu
    The evil mastermind Fu Manchu plots his latest scheme to basically freeze over the Earth's oceans with his diabolical new device. Opposing him is his arch-nemesis, Interpol's very British Dr. Nayland Smith.
    West Germany (BRD)  1969
  • Justine
    A woman named Justine is (willingly) used and abused by all manner of perverts, freaks and sexual deviants.
    Italy  1969
  • I Want Him Dead
    Clayton's sister is raped and murdered. Time for lethal revenge!
    Italy  1968
  • Bewitched Love
    El amor brujo is a 1967 Spanish film directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta and based on the eponymous ballet by Manuel de Falla.
    Character: Lorenzo
    Spain  1967
  • Man from Nowhere
    Bandit Gordon frees a group of prisoners, forcing them to join his gang or die. Arizona Colt, declining to do either, heads for Blackstone City where Gordon is planning a robbery. When one of Gordon's men murders saloon girl Dolor...
    Italy  1966
  • With the East Wind
    The girlfriend of a young gypsy tries to guide her life in a proper way but does not achieve it. When she gets difficulties because of a fight everything changes.
    Spain  1965
  • Los Tarantos
    The love between two gipsies, Juana La Zoronga and Rafael El Taranto, from different families in Barcelona is thwarted by the enmity between their respective parents. Rafael sees Juana dance at a gipsy wedding, and is captivated b...
    Character: Curro (as J. Manuel Martín)
    Spain  1963
  • Cupido contrabandista
    Juan is a shy and kind man who lives in Ceuta and he does everything by lmail, finishing a career or learning judo. His girlfriend is from Madrid and Juan wants to go to the peninsula to get to know her. During the trip he meets M...
    Spain  1962
  • Viridiana
    Viridiana is a virtuous young woman living in a convent in Spain and about to take her vows as a nun, when she is urged by her superior to visit her closest living relative, the widowed Don Jaime (Fernando Rey), at his estate. The...
    Character: El Cojo (as Jose Manuel Martin)
    Spain  1961