Meret Becker

Profession: Actress | Composer
Meret Becker
Birthdate: January 15, 1969
Country: Germany Germany
Horoscope: Capricorn
Stature: 1,67 m (5 ft 6 in)


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Meret Becker Nominations & Awards

Lola Deutscher Filmpreis

 - Best Supporting Actress WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
Meret Becker is an German Actress and Composer. She has won an Lola Deutscher Filmpreis. She's known for Munich (2005), Annaluise & Anton (1999) and The Einstein of Sex (1999).

All Movies of Meret Becker

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  • Fabian: Going to the Dogs
    Set in the late 1920s, the film will centre on 32-year-old Dr Jakob Fabian, who spends his days working as an advertising copywriter for a cigarette factory, and his nights wandering through artists' studios and Berlin’s pubs an...
    Character: Irene Moll
    Germany  2021
  • Lügen und andere Wahrheiten
    Six intertwined people struggle with their own sincerity, and, in so doing, unravel their secrets and the lies they live.
    Character: Coco
    Germany  2014
  • Quellen des Lebens
    This is a family story that covers thirty years in the life of the Freytag family (narrated by the grandson, Robert). When his grandfather returns from Russia in 1949, he becomes part of the German "economic miracle" by ...
    Character: Elisabeth Freytag
    Germany  2013
  • Wetlands
    Meet Helen Memel. She likes to experiment with vegetables while masturbating and thinks that bodily hygiene is greatly overrated. She shocks those around her by speaking her mind in a most unladylike manner on topics that many peo...
    Germany  2013
  • Kokowääh
    An author of fiction must deal with the emergence of his 8-year-old natural daughter, the previously unknown product of a one-night indiscretion in Stockholm.
    Germany  2011
  • Munich
    A gripping suspense thriller set in the aftermath of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. This dramatic exploration inspired by true events follows a secret Israeli squad assigned to track down and kill...
    Character: Yvonne
    United States  2005
  • Annaluise & Anton
    Pünktchen and Anton are closest of friends. Being the daughter of a wealthy surgeon, young Pünktchen lives in a great house. Her mother, who always travels through the world more for public relation reasons than for the social t...
    Germany  1999
  • The Einstein of Sex
    The life story of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, a German Jew, who as a physician established the field of sexology, and fought militantly against German anti-sodomy laws in the late 19th century. The script reveals main characters in Hir...
    Germany  1999
  • Life is All You Get
    The political and social upheaval of the reunification of Germany provides the backdrop for this romantic comedy-drama. Jan Nebel (Jurgen Vogel), a young slaughterhouse worker who doesn't like to work much more than is necessary i...
    Germany  1997
  • Rossini
    Character: Zillie Watussnik
    Germany  1997
  • The Harmonists
    Comedian Harmonists tells the story of a famous, German male sextet, five vocals and piano, the "Comedian Harmonists", from the day they meet first in 1927 to the day in 1934, when they become banned by the upcoming Nazi...
    Germany  1997
  • Der Blaue (The Blue One)
    Ex-GDR citizen Dr. Otto Skrodt is about to become an important politician in Bonn when his old friend Karl shows up to ask him for some financial help. Karl had been imprisoned in the GDR because of a denunciation of Otto who was ...
    Germany  1994
  • Acting It Out
    When dishwasher Ingo, whose girl-friend has just left him, returns a borrowed bar stool to the Folkwang Acting School in Essen, he stumbles into the audition for next year's new students. He lets Johannes, the broke and unsuccessf...
    Germany  1992
  • Kaltgestellt
    A school teacher in Berlin is getting into troubles when he discovers that the city´s government is hiring school kids as contact persons. After losing his job, he is used by a dubious man who wants to take revenge on his former ...
    West Germany (BRD)  1980