Roberto Álamo

Roberto Álamo
Real name: Roberto Martínez Felipe


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Roberto Álamo Nominations & Awards


 - Best Leading Actor WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor WINNER
Roberto Martínez Felipe . He has won two Goya Awards. He's known for The Skin I Live In (2011), Rescue Under Fire (2017) and Take My Eyes (2003).

All Movies of Roberto Álamo

  • Riot Police (TV Miniseries)
    Six riot police proceed with an eviction in the centre of Madrid, but things go wrong and a man loses his life. An Internal Affairs team is given the task of investigating the facts and the six riot police are accused of manslaugh...
    Spain  2020
  • Mist & the Maiden
    The sergeant of the Civil Guard Bevilaqua and his assistant, Corporal Chamorro entrust them with the task of reactivating the investigation of the death of Ivan, a crazy young man, who happened on the island of La Gomera three yea
    Character: Teniente Nava
    Spain  2017
  • May God Forgive Us
    The economic crisis, the 15-M movement and the pilgrims awaiting the arrival of the Pope, all coexist in a Madrid that’s hotter and more chaotic than ever. Inspectors Velarde and Alfaro must find what appears to be a serial kill...
    Spain  2016
  • People in Places
    Comedy, drama, social chronicle, horror and surrealism with a common denominator: the uncompromising poetry of of the human condition against the onslaught of the unusual and the chaotic.
    Spain  2013
  • My Family and Other Hooligans (Family United)
    A comedy about a wedding during the soccer game final in the World Cup South in Africa 2010 (Spain-Holland). During this event such a special day for the whole country, a family with 5 brothers with biblical names -Adán, Benjamí...
    Character: Benjamín
    Spain  2013
  • Chrysalis
    Interwoven emotions and struggles of three women of different generations aiming to build the lives they desire, their own future, love and dreams. All of them lose the love of their lives and they will have to pursue their happin...
    Spain  2011
  • The Skin I Live In
    Ever since his wife was burned in a car crash, Dr. Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas), an eminent plastic surgeon, has been interested in creating a new skin with which he could have saved her. After twelve years, he manages to cul...
    Character: Zeca
    Spain  2011
  • Un buen día lo tiene cualquiera (Have a Nice Day)
    After loosing his company and his house, Arturo decides to take advantage of a social initiative by which elderly people living on their own accept young people with no resources for a ridiculous rent. Arturo, who is not a student...
    Spain  2007
  • Valentín
    A Spanish theatre company is rehearsing Shakespeare in the original style using young men to play the women's roles. Complicating their endeavors is the previously straight director's infatuation the new young man whose charming e...
    Spain  2003
  • Take My Eyes
    Winner of Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the 2003 San Sebastian Film Festival, Iciar Bollain's stirring drama takes an intimate and clear-eyed look at a relationship ripped apart by domestic abuse. Pilar (Laia Marull, Fugit...
    Spain  2003
  • Km. 0 - Kilometer Zero
    A comedic look at the love lives of 14 different people and how they interconnect during one hot August afternoon around the Plaza del Sol in Madrid, Spain.
    Spain  2000

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