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Eugenia Alonso . He's known for The Marginal (TV Series) (2016), The Man Next Door (2009) and Natural Scieces (2014).

All Movies of Eugenia Alonso

  • Natural Scieces
    In a rural school in the middle of the mountains, a girl who is starting to become a woman feels the profound need to discover her true identity. She does not know who her father is and she is determined to find him, but her mothe...
    Argentina  2014
  • Cerro Bayo
    The ski season is approaching in a Patagonian village at the foot of Mount Bayo. However, the local peace and quiet is put to the test when Juana Keller, matriarch of a peculiar family, tries to commit suicide. While she lies in a...
    Character: Eugenia
    Argentina  2010
  • The Man Next Door
    A small incident over two neighbors common wall sparks a conflict which affects the intimacy of the view over the chimney; the protagonist sparks a conflict and with paranoiac obsession destroys everyday life.
    Argentina  2009
  • Los suicidas
    Daniel is a young journalist given the task of looking into a presumed suicide case. The fact that his own father took his life when he was a child means that Daniel is obsessed with the subject. He is assigned a photographer to a...
    Character: Bibi
    Argentina  2005