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Billy Crudup Nominations & Awards

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture WINNER
 - Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED

Critics Choice Award

 - Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series - Drama WINNER
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED

Independent Spirit

 - Best Leading Actor NOMINATED
   (Jesus' Son)


 - Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series - Drama WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series - Drama NOMINATED

Boston Society of Film Critics

 - Best Ensemble Performance WINNER

Golden Globes Awards

 - Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV NOMINATED
Billy Crudup . He has won an Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG), two Critics Choice Awards and an Emmy Awards. He's known for After the Wedding (2019), Inventing the Abbotts (1997) and Spotlight (2015).

All Movies of Billy Crudup

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  • The Last Movie Stars (TV Series)
    'The Last Movie Stars' chronicles Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward's iconic careers and decades-long partnership. The history of their love, lives, and philanthropy.
    Character:  Self / ... 4 episodes, 2022
    United States  2022
  • Justice League: The Snyder Cut
    Zack Snyder's definitive director's cut of Justice League. Determined to ensure Superman's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne aligns forces with Diana Prince with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the w...
    Character: Henry Allen
    United States  2021
  • The Morning Show (TV Series)
    What happens when the people you trust to tell the truth prove themselves to be dishonest? The Morning Show follows the free fall of an early morning newscast in the wake of a scandal, and its struggle to survive in an era when ne...
    Character:  Cory Ellison 20 episodes, 2019-2021
    United States  2019
  • Where'd You Go, Bernadette
    "Where’d You Go, Bernadette" is based on the runaway bestseller about Bernadette Fox, a Seattle woman who had it all - a loving husband and a brilliant daughter. When she unexpectedly disappears, her family sets off on...
    Character: Elgie
    United States  2019
  • After the Wedding
    The film follows the director of an Indian orphanage on the verge of bankruptcy, who discovers that her organization is in contention to receive a large charitable donation from a wealthy American businesswoman, forcing her to tra...
    Character: Oscar
    United States  2019
  • 1 Mile to You
    When a teenager (Rogers) loses his beloved girlfriend (Stefanie Scott) in a tragic accident, he finds that running keeps him connected to her during his 'runner's high' moments. Chasing her memory drives him to run faster, and to ...
    United States  2017
  • Youth in Oregon
    A man (Billy Crudup) is tasked with driving his embittered 80-year-old father-in-law (Frank Langella) cross country to be legally euthanized in Oregon, while along the way helping him rediscover a reason for living.
    Character: Brian
    United States  2017
  • Alien: Covenant
    The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their i...
    Character: Oram
    United States  2017
  • Justice League
    Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to fi...
    Character: Henry Allen
    United States  2017
  • 20th Century Women
    The story of three women who explore love and freedom in Southern California during the late 1970s.
    Character: William
    United States  2016
  • Jackie
    An account of the days of First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, in immediate aftermath of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963 in Dallas.
    United States  2016
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment
    This psychological thriller based on the actual events that took place in 1971 when Stanford professor Dr. Philip Zimbardo created what became one of the most shocking and famous social experiments of all time: he transformed a gr...
    Character: Dr. Philip Zimbardo
    United States  2015
  • Spotlight
    The true story of how in 2002 the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.
    Character: Eric Macleish
    United States  2015
  • Rudderless
    Sam Manning is a former high-profile advertising executive whose life has been torn apart by the tragic death of his son Josh in a shotting at his University. Off the grid, living on a docked sailboat, he drowns his pain in alcoho...
    Character: Sam
    United States  2014
  • Glass Chin
    Bud 'The Saint' Gordon (Corey Stoll) once had it all—a nice apartment, fame, public love and admiration—but a quick jab to the chin wiped that slate. Now living in a dingy studio with no business, no fans and no purpose except...
    United States  2014
  • Blood Ties
    Two brothers, on either side of the law, face off over organized crime in Brooklyn during the 1970s.
    Character: Frank
    France  2013
  • The Watch
    Suburban dads form a neighborhood watch group to get time away from their families, only to discover a plot to destroy Earth.
    Character: Neighbor
    United States  2012
  • Thin Ice
    An insurance agent is looking for a way to jump-start his business, reunite with his estranged wife, and escape the dismal midwestern weather. This self-proclaimed master of duplicity believes that salesmanship is all about sellin...
    Character: Randy
    United States  2011
  • Too Big to Fail
    Chronicles the financial meltdown of 2008 and centers on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.
    Character: Timothy Geithner
    United States  2011
  • Eat, Pray, Love
    Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) is a modern woman on a quest to marvel at and travel the world while rediscovering and reconnecting with her true inner self in Eat Pray Love. At a crossroads after a divorce, Gilbert takes a year-long ...
    Character: Stephen
    United States  2010
  • Watchmen
    It's the 1980's and it's a different world. Superheroes have been outlawed, the only ones still in operation under direct control of the United States government. Suddenly, those heroes both still in action and retired find themse...
    Character: Dr. Manhattan / Jon Osterman
    United States  2009
  • Public Enemies
    The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s. No one could stop Dillinger and his gang. No jail could hold him. His charm and...
    Character: J. Edgar Hoover
    United States  2009
  • Pretty Bird
    This is the story of three guys who collaborate to build a rocket belt. The clash of their mismatched personalities soon dissolves the business into a morass of recriminations and retaliations, kidnapping, and murder in this parab...
    United States  2008
  • Dedication
    This romantic comedy follows a misogynistic children's book author who is forced to work closely with a female illustrator instead of his long-time collaborator and only friend.
    Character: Henry Roth
    United States  2007
  • Mission: Impossible 3
    In this third pulse-racing, mind-bending action thriller, Secret Agent Ethan Hunt confronts the toughest villain he’s ever faced --– Owen Davian (Academy Award® winner Philip Seymour Hoffman), an international weapons and inf...
    Character: John Musgrave
    United States  2006
  • The Good Shepherd
    Edward Wilson, the only witness to his father's suicide and member of the Skull and Bones Society while a student at Yale, is a morally upright young man who values honor and discretion, qualities that help him to be recruited for...
    Character: Arch Cummings
    United States  2006
  • Trust The Man
    A smart, sophisticated comedy about the challenges of love and marriage among modern day New Yorkers, TRUST THE MAN features the romantic escapades of two couples: a successful actress (Julianne Moore) and her stay at home husband...
    Character: Tobey
    United States  2005
  • Stage Beauty
    Actor Edward “Ned” Kynaston (Billy Crudup) may well be the most desired man in all of London. The Restoration is in full swing, and enthusiastic audiences of aristocrats and commoners pack the theatres that were shuttered duri...
    Character: Ned Kynaston
    United States  2004
  • Big Fish
    Edward Bloom (Finney) has always been a teller of tall tales about his oversized life as a young man (Ewan McGregor), when his wanderlust led him on an unlikely journey from small town in Alabama, around the world, and back again....
    Character: William Bloom
    United States  2003
  • Charlotte Gray
    Set in Nazi–occupied France at the height of World War II, Charlotte Gray tells the compelling story of a young Scottish woman working with the French Resistance in the hope of rescuing her lover, a missing RAF pilot.
    Character: Julien Levade
    United States  2001
  • Waking the Dead
    Fielding Pierce lives the life of an aspiring politician - in 1972 he's serving in the Coast Guard (trying to avoid Vietnam in the most honorable way), and by 1973 he has entered law school. Along the way he falls in love with Sar...
    Character: Fielding Pierce
    United States  2000
  • Almost Famous
    When teenage writer William Miller finds an unexpected chance to go on tour with a famous rock band and report his experience back to a widely known teen magazine, he is thrilled. Finally getting his reluctant mom's permission, he...
    Character: Russell Hammond
    United States  2000
  • Jesus' Son
    "Jesus' Son" is the story of a young man's circuitous journey from drug dependency and petty crime to a life redeemed by his startling discovery of compassion. Set in the drug subculture of the 1970's, a young man in his...
    Character: FH
    United States  1999
  • Snitch
    Bobby O'Grady is a low range member of Boston Irish gang run by Jackie O'Hara. Jackie demands absolute, total loyalty for him. When Jackie kills one of Bobby's buddies, Teddy, Bobby and others have to keep it an absolute secret, e...
    United States  1998
  • Without Limits
    The film follows the life of famous 1970s runner Steve Prefontaine from his youth days in Oregon to Oregon University where he worked with the legendary coach Bill Bowerman, later to Olympics in Munich and his early death at 24 in
    Character: Steve Prefontaine
    United States  1998
  • The Hi-Lo Country
    An intimate story of the enduring bond of friendship between two hard-living men, set against a sweeping backdrop: the American West, post-World War II, in its twilight. Pete and Big Boy are masters of the prairie, but ultimately ...
    Character: Pete Calder
    United States  1998
  • Inventing the Abbotts
    In the placid, potboiler-perfect 1950s hamlet of Haley, Illinois, life revolves around the wealthy and powerful Abbott family, which boasts three strapping brunette daughters in addition to its other assets. On the other side of t...
    Character: Jacey Holt
    United States  1997
  • Everyone Says I Love You
    Steffi and Bob are married, rich, liberal and socially committed. Steffi was married to Joe, a guy unlucky with women, with whom she had a slightly unstable daughter. Bob has a conservative son, a daughter who has endangered her m...
    United States  1996
  • Sleepers
    This is a story of four young boys. Four lifelong friends. Intelligent, fun- loving, wise beyond their years, they are inseperable. Their potential is unlimited, but they are content within the closed world of New York City's Hell...
    Character: Tommy Marcano
    United States  1996
  • The Journey of August King
    The Journey of August King is a multi-dimensional drama about a North Carolina farmer in April 1815. August King, a widower, is on his way home as he does every year after selling his produce and purchasing the stock and goods he ...
    United States  1995