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 - Best Leading Actor WINNER
 - Best Leading Actor NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actor NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actor NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actor NOMINATED
Jonas Karlsson . He has won an Guldbagge Awards. He's known for All Inclusive (2017), The Snowman (2017) and En pilgrims död (2013).

All Movies of Jonas Karlsson

  • Quick
    Quick is the captivating true story behind Sweden’s biggest legal scandal ever, the story of the reporter Hannes Råstam, who alone questioned a whole legal system, a touching journalistic thriller about a man who sacrificed his...
    Sweden  2019
  • Sthlm Rekviem (TV Series)
    Based on Kristina Ohlsson's novels, the series follows unconventional but cunning criminologist Fredrika Bergman who joins a special investigations unit in Stockholm.
    Sweden  2018
  • The Snowman
    Harry Hole, an elite crime squad's lead detective, investigates the disappearance of a woman whose pink scarf is found wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman. With the help of a brilliant recruit, the cop must connect decades-o...
    Character: Mathias
    United Kingdom  2017
  • All Inclusive
    Remake of the danish movie 'All inclusive' (2014)
    Sweden  2017
  • En pilgrims död
    Death of a Pilgrim is a Nordic crime mini-series on the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and the fall of the welfare state. The series is based on highly acclaimed Swedish writer and criminologist Leif GW Perssons aw...
    Sweden  2013
  • Cockpit
    After getting fired from his current job as a pilot and dumped by his current wife, he seeks to find a new job. Out of desperation on the job market he disguises himself as a woman in order to get a job from Silver, a company seek...
    Sweden  2012
  • Bad Faith
    Mona (Sonja Richter), a rather strange young woman who may be in the midst of a nervous breakdown, walks alone through the streets of a Gothenburg. Walking past a sinister alleyway, she sees a badly injured man struggling to breat...
    Sweden  2010
  • The Inspector and the Sea (TV Series)
    German police inspector Robert Anders a family man who lives with his Swedish wife and investigates murder cases located in the spectacular landscapes of Swedish island of Gotland , it is based on the best-selling crime novels by ...
    Character:  Eskil Almqvist 1 episode, 2008
    Sweden  2007
  • To Love Someone
    Alf, a fish dealer with his own shop lives a happy life together with Lena. The only problem is that Alf feels that he is being compared with Lenas previous husband, although he knows that he is making Lena happy and that they liv
    Sweden  2007
  • Offside
    In small town Stenfors most inhabitants are unemployed. Anders also has problems with his marriage. The local soccer team is not the success it once was, but when British ex-soccer star Duncan Miller arrives in town, there is sudd...
    Sweden  2006
  • Kim Novak Never Swam in Genesaret's Lake
    The year is 1962. Erik, his newly aquainted friend Edmund and his grown-up brother Henry are going to spend their summer holiday in a fairly decayed house just near the lake Genesaret. One day, Ewa Kaludis, who looks like Kim Nova...
    Sweden  2005
  • Storm
    Donny, about to hit thirty and single, works as a columnist and reviewer in Stockholm. Cold and cynical, he doesn't need anybody. Donny is always in control, or so he thinks. As a powerful storm approaches Stockholm, a remarkable ...
    Sweden  2005
  • Miffo
    Tobias is the new, idealistic priest in a suburb but he soon learns that his flock is quite uninterested in Christianity. However, he befriends Carolina, a chain smoking woman his age, wheelchair-bound since birth. It is opposites...
    Sweden  2003
  • Details
    Emma, a young author, goes to see Erik, the publishing editor whom she's sent her debut novel. Their meeting leads to a love affair. The middle-aged Erik leaves his wife. What Erik doesn't know is that Emma recently began a relati...
    Sweden  2003
  • Tsatsiki
    Little Tsatsiki, son of a single mother in Sweden, has never met his father, a Greek fisherman. Tsatsiki befriends a nice but straight-laced motorcycle policeman renting one of their rooms and decices he is the right guy for his m...
    Character: Niklas
    Sweden  1999
  • Cry
    A Swedish skinhead (Goran Gillinger) must keep secret his love for a Peruvian refugee (Maria Celedonio).
    Character: Tobbe
    Sweden  1995